List of Tautological Place Names - Mountains and Hills

Mountains and Hills

  • Bergeberget, Norway (The Hill Hill - Norwegian)
  • Brda Hills, Slovenia - "brda" means small hills in Slovene (thus, the area is sometimes referred to as "Goriška Brda" or "Gorizia Hills" to distinguish it from others)
  • Bredon Hill, England (Hill Hill Hill - Brythonic/Old English/Modern English); compare Bredon and Breedon on the Hill (Hill Hill on the Hill - Brythonic/Saxon/Modern English)
  • Brill, England (Hill Hill - Brythonic/Saxon) - also once known in documents as Brill-super-montem (Hill Hill on the Hill - Brythonic/Saxon/Latin)
  • Brincliffe Edge, Sheffield, UK (Burning Hill Hill Welsh/English)
  • Bryn Glas Hill, Wales (Blue Hill Hill - Welsh/English)
  • Brynhill, Wales (Hill Hill - Welsh/English)
  • Djebel Amour, Algeria: (Arabic & Tamazight)
  • Eizmendi: Haitz Mendi 'mount mount' (Euskara)
  • Filefjell, Norway (The mountain mountain - Norwegian)
  • Fjällfjällen, Sweden (The mountain mountains - Swedish)
  • Garmendia: Garr- Mendi(a) (fossil & modern Basque)
  • Gibraltar, commonly "The Rock of Gibraltar" From Arabic Jebel-Al-Tariq, which means "The Rock of Tariq"
  • Hill Mountain, Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • Hueco Tanks, an area of low mountains in El Paso County, Texas.
  • Knockhill, a common placename in the Scottish Lowlands, deriving from either Scottish Gaelic, cnoc meaning a "hill" or a similar word originating in either Danish or one of the West Germanic languages that predated Old English.
  • Kukkulamäki, in 24 distinct locations (Rautjärvi, Jyväskylä, Salo, ...) in Finland, is kukkula "hill" and mäki "hill".
  • Mongibellu, Sicilian name of the volcano Etna, in Sicily, Italy (Mountain Mountain, from Romance monte and Arabic žabal).
  • Montcuq, Lot, France: Mont Kukk 'mount mount'
  • Mount Katahdin, Maine (Mount The Greatest Mountain - English/Penobscot)
  • Mount Kenya, Kenya (Mount White Mountain - "Kenya" is from Kikuyu "Kirinyaga", 'white mountain')
  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (Mount Mount Njaro - Swahili)
  • Mount Maunganui, New Zealand (Mount Mount Big - Māori)
  • Ochil Hills, Scotland (Hill hills)
  • Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England. (Hill Hill Hill) - "Pen" -(Cumbric language) "Pendle" by epenthesis and elision from "Pen Hyll", the latter word being Old English for "hill".
  • Pendleton, near Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England. (Hill Hill Town) or, possibly (Hill Hill Hill), taking the -ton as deriving from Old English dun as opposed to Old English tun.
  • Pendleton Hill, North Stonington, Connecticut. (Hill Hill Town Hill) or, possibly, (Hill Hill Hill Hill).
  • Pic de la Munia in Piau-Engaly, France: Pic Muño (Romance & Euskara)
  • Picacho Peak (Arizona, U.S.) (Peak Peak - Spanish)
  • Pinnacle Peak (Maricopa County, Arizona, U.S.) and Mount Pinnacle (southwestern Virginia, U.S.). Both English. Other locations have the same names.
  • Slieve Mish Mountains, Ireland (Mis's Mountain mountains)
  • Slieve Bloom Mountains, Ireland - (Bladh's Mountain Mountains)
  • Summit Peak, New Zealand (Peak Peak - both English) - also the U.S. has five hills called Summit Peak.
  • Table Mesa, Colorado (Table Table - Spanish) - also Table Mesa, Arizona
  • Torpenhow Hill, England (Hill Hill Hill Hill - SW-British (Tor) / Brythonic (pen = "head") / Anglo-Saxon hōh = "spur of high ground" / English (hill)) (disputed )
  • Tuc de la Pale, Ariège, France: Tuk Pal 'mount mount'
  • Urlichsberg in central Carinthia, Austria - the name derives from the Slovene name "Vrh", which means peak (more exactly, from the Carinthian Slovene version uerh); the name in German thus means "Mount Peak"
  • Vignemale, Pyrenees: Went Mal 'mount mount'

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