List of Tartan Films Releases - Tartan Video DVD Releases

Tartan Video DVD Releases

# Title Director Year Extra
TVD3505 16 Years of Alcohol Richard Jobson 2003
TVD3530 2046 Wong Kar-wai 2004 Also available in the Wong Kar-wai Box set and in a double pack with In the Mood for Love.
TVD3582 2046/ In the Mood for Love Wong Kar-wai 2004 2000 Three Disc Box Set: 2046 (1 Disc), In the Mood for Love (2 Discs).
TVD3623 36 Olivier Marchal 2004
TVD3360 The 400 Blows François Truffaut 1959 Out of Print
TVD3518 A Lesson in Love Ingmar Bergman 1954
TVD3372 A Ma Soeur Catherine Breillat 2002 Cut by 1m28s for the sexual assault of Anaïs.
TVD3400 A Time for Drunken Horses Bahman Ghobadi 2000 Out of Print
TVD3373 After the Rehearsal Ingmar Bergman 1984
TVD3405 The Ages of Lulu Bigas Luna 1998 Cut by 1m 15secs for sexual content.
TVD3489 All These Women Ingmar Bergman 1964
TVD3513 Anatomy of Hell Catherine Breillat 2003
TVD3549 Andrew and Jeremy Get Married Don Boyd 2005
TVD3524 Angel on the Right Jamshed Usmonov 2002
TVD3664 Antibodies Christian Alvart 2005
TVD3575 Arakimentari Travis Klose 2005
TVD3541 As Tears Go By Wong Kar-wai 1988 Out of Print. Mandarin Language.
TVD3419 Autumn Sonata Ingmar Bergman 1978
TVD3747 The Ballad of Narayama Keisuke Kinoshita 1958
TVD3497 Basque Ball Julio Medem 2003
TVD3632 Battle in Heaven Carlos Reygadas 2005
TVD3614 Beautiful Boxer Ekachai Uekrongtham 2003
TVD3399 Beijing Bicycle Wang Xiaoshuai 2001
TVD3456 Belleville Rendezvous Sylvain Chomet 2003
TVD3825 Benny's Video Michael Haneke 1992
TVD3717 Bigas Luna Collection Bigas Luna 1990–1994 Box Set. Includes:
The Ages of Lulu
Jamón, jamón
Huevos de oro
La teta y la luna.
TVD3777 Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss Tommy O'Haver 1998
TVD3477 Black and White Craig Lahiff 2002
TVD3726 Black Book Paul Verhoeven 2006
TVB3792 Black Book Paul Verhoeven 2006 Blu-ray Version
TVD3667 Blood for Dracula Paul Morrissey 1974
TVD3331 The Bride with White Hair Ronny Yu 1993 Out of Print. Widescreen.
TVD3332 The Bride with White Hair 2 David Wu
Ronny Yu
1993 Out of Print. Widescreen.
TVD3776 Bright Future Kiyoshi Kurosawa 2003
TVD3425 Brother Aleksei Balabanov 1997
TVD3426 Brother 2 Aleksei Balabanov 2000
TVD3660 Brothers of the Head Keith Fulton 2006
TVD3355 Business Is Business Paul Verhoeven 1971
TVD3478 Capturing the Friedmans Andrew Jarecki 2003
TVD3491 Carnages Delphine Gleize 2002
TVD3682 The Cave of the Yellow Dog Byambasuren Davaa 2005
TVD3536 Chinese Odyssey 2002 Jeffrey Lau 2002
TVD3406 Choses Secretes Jean-Claude Brisseau 2002 Released as part of the Cine Lumiere collection.
TVD3480 The Cockettes David Weissman
Billy Weber
TVD3525 Coffee and Cigarettes Jim Jarmusch 2003
TVD3341 Confessions of a Trickbaby Matthew Bright 1999
TVD3516 Control Room Jehane Noujaim 2004
TVD3498 The Cooler Wayne Kramer 2003 Also released with no extras on the budget label Prism.
TVD3370 Cries and Whispers Ingmar Bergman 1972
TVD3465 Crisis Ingmar Bergman 1946
TVD3647 Crush Alison Maclean 1993
TVD3572 C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America Kevin Willmott 2004
TVD3310 Cyrano de Bergerac Jean-Paul Rappeneau 1990 Out of Print
TVD3398 Dead Man's Curve Dan Rosen 1998
TVD3657 The Death of Mr. Lazarescu Cristi Puiu 2005
TVD3600 The Devil and Daniel Johnston Jeff Feuerzeig 2005
TVD3741 The Devil's Eye Ingmar Bergman 1960
TVD3548 DiG! Ondi Timoner 2004
TVD3624 DiG! Ondi Timoner 2004 Special Edition with additional extras.
TVD3302 Dobermann Jan Kounen 1997 Out of Print. Widescreen.
TVD3408 Dog Days Ulrich Seidl 2001
TVD3468 Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary Guy Maddin 2002
TVD3700 Driving Lessons Jeremy Brock 2006
TVD3411 East/West Régis Wargnier 1999 Out of Print
TVD3713 Edmond Stuart Gordon 2006
TVD3737 El Topo Alejandro Jodorowsky 1970
TVD3379 The Element of Crime Lars von Trier 1984 Out of Print
TVD3410 En Attendant Le Deluge Damien Odoul 2004
TVD3556 Errance Damien Odoul 2003 Released as part of the Cine Lumiere collection.
TVD3631 The Essential Bergman Collection Ingmar Bergman 1957–1978 Box Set. Includes:
The Seventh Seal
Wild Strawberries
Autumn Sonata
TVD3626 The Essential Truffaut Collection François Truffaut 1959–1980 Out of Print. Box Set. Includes:
The 400 Blows
Jules Et Jim
La Peau Douce
The Last Metro
TVD3450 Être et avoir Nicolas Philibert 2002
TVD3380 Europa Lars von Trier 1991
TVD3402 Eva Gustaf Molander 1948
TVD3432 The Eyes of Tammy Faye Fenton Bailey
Randy Barbato
TVD3806 Ex Drummer Koen Mortier 2007
TVD3339 Faithless Liv Ullmann 2000
TVD3521 Falcons Friðrik Þór Friðriksson 2002
TVD3752 Fast Food Nation Richard Linklater 2006
TVD3666 Flesh for Frankenstein Paul Morrissey 1974 Uncut Version
TVD3547 Flesh/Trash/Heat Box Set Paul Morrissey 1968–1973
TVD3359 The Fourth Man Paul Verhoeven 1983
TVD3371 From the Life of the Marionettes Ingmar Bergman 1980
TVD3319 Funny Games Michael Haneke 1997 Out of Print
TVD3655 Funny Games Michael Haneke 1997 Collector's Edition
TVD3729 Ghosts Nick Broomfield 2006
TVD3317 Golden Balls Bigas Luna 1993 Out of Print
TVD3401 The Gospel According to St Matthew Pier Paolo Pasolini 1964
TVD3708 The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael Thomas Clay 2006
TVD3585 Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst Robert Stone 2005
TVD3640 Guy X Saul Metzstein 2005
TVD3710 H6: Diary of a Serial Killer Martín Garrido Barón 2005
TVD3305 The Hairdresser's Husband Patrice Leconte 1990 Out of Print
TVD3758 Häxan (Witchcraft Through the Ages) Benjamin Christensen 1922
TVD3571 The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things Asia Argento 2004
TVD3724 Heimat A Chronicle of Germany Edgar Reitz 1984 Box Set
TVD3743 Heimat 2 A Chronicle of A Generation Edgar Reitz 1984 Box Set
TVD3604 The Hidden Blade Yōji Yamada 2004
TVD3475 The Hired Hand Peter Fonda 1971 Director's Cut. 2-Disc set with cardboard slipcase.
TVD3748 The Holy Mountain Alejandro Jodorowsky 1973
TVD3472 Hoover Street Revival Sophie Fiennes 2002
TVD3306 The Idiots Lars von Trier 1998
TVD3522 In My Skin Marina de Van 2002
TVD3325 In the Mood for Love Wong Kar-wai 2000
TVD3349 In the Mood for Love Wong Kar-wai 2000 Special Edition 2-Disc Set.
TVD3804 Ingmar Bergman's The Faith Trilogy Ingmar Bergman 1961- Box Set. Includes:
Through a Glass Darkly
Winter Light
The Silence
TVD3579 The Intruder Claire Denis 2004
TVD3421 Irreversible Gaspar Noé 2002 Out of Print
TVD3458 Irreversible Gaspar Noé 2002 Collector's Edition
TVD3423 Ivan's XTC Bernard Rose 2003
TVD3316 Jamon Jamon Bigas Luna 1992
TVD3506 Japanese Story Sue Brooks 2003
TVD3749 The Jodorowsky Collection Alejandro Jodorowsky 1968–1973 Box Set. Includes: El Topo/Holy Mountain Soundtrack
El Topo
Fando y Lis
The Holy Mountain
TVD3362 Jules et Jim François Truffaut 1962 Out of Print
TVD3324 Julien Donkey-Boy Harmony Korine 1999
TVD3357 Katie Tippel Paul Verhoeven 1975
TVD3609 The King James Marsh 2005
TVD3719 Kissed Lynne Stopkewich 1996
TVD3403 L.I.E. Michael Cuesta 2001
TVD3322 La Haine Mathieu Kassovitz 1995 Out of Print
TVD3363 La Peau Douce François Truffaut 1964 Out of Print
TVD3413 La Spagnola Steve Jacobs 2002
TVD3593 Lars von Trier's Europe Trilogy Lars von Trier 1984–1991 Box Set with booklet. Includes:
The Element of Crime
TVD3367 The Last Metro François Truffaut 1980 Out of Print
TVD3460 Le Souffle Damien Odoul 2002
TVD3409 Les Clefs de bagnole Laurent Baffie 2003 Released as part of the Cine Lumiere collection.
TVD3683 Little Fish Rowan Woods 2005
TVD3714 The Lives Of The Saints Rankin
Chris Cottam
TVD3303 Lovers of the Arctic Circle Julio Médem 1998 Out of Print
TVD3569 The Machinist Brad Anderson 2004 Out of Print
TVD3345 The Magician Ingmar Bergman 1958
TVD3308 Man Bites Dog Rémy Belvaux 1992
TVD3558 Mayor of the Sunset Strip George Hickenlooper 2003
TVD3533 Mean Creek Jacob Aaron Estes 2004
TVD3694 The Michael Haneke Trilogy Michael Haneke 1989–1994 Box Set. Includes:
The Seventh Continent
Benny's Video
71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
TVD3528 Milwaukee, Minnesota Allan Mindel 2003
TVD3520 My Architect Nathaniel Kahn 2003
TVD3427 My Kingdom Don Boyd 2002
TVD3485 Mysterious Skin Gregg Araki 2004
TVD3381 Night Shift Philippe Le Guay 2002
TVD3484 Palindromes Todd Solondz 2004
TVD3383 The Pornographer Bertrand Bonello 2001 Cut by 12s for male ejaculation.
TVD3519 Port of Call Ingmar Bergman 1948
TVD3590 Primer Shane Carruth 2004
TVD3578 Prison Ingmar Bergman 1949
TVD3607 The Proposition John Hillcoat 2005
The Proposition John Hillcoat 2005 Blu-ray Version
TVD3329 Ring 2 Hideo Nakata 1999
TVD3686 Rollin' with the Nines Julian Gilbey 2005
TVD3746 Satan Kim Chapiron 2006 2 Disc Collector's Edition
TVD3496 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... and Spring Kim Ki-duk 2003
TVD3352 Tesis Alejandro Amenabar 1996
TVD3490 Three Strange Loves Ingmar Bergman 1949
TVD3470 Wisconsin Death Trip James Marsh 2000

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