List of Tallest Buildings in Tucson

List Of Tallest Buildings In Tucson

This is a list of the tallest buildings in Tucson, Arizona.

Rank Name Image Height
Floors Year Notes
1 One South Church 330 (100) 23 1986 Formerly the Norwest Bank Tower until 2001, the name was changed to UniSource Energy Tower until 2012 when UniSource Energy moved to the new UniSource Energy Building.
2 Bank of America Plaza 264 (80) 16 1977 Originally the Arizona Bank Plaza, the tallest building in Tucson from 1977-1986. The tower has an antenna that reaches up to 360 feet tall.
3 Pima County Legal Services Building 260 (79) 20 1967 Originally the Tucson Federal Savings & Loan Association Building or Tucson Federal Building. Tallest building in Tucson from 1967-1977. Otherwise known as Home Federal Tower or Great American Tower.
4 5151 E Broadway 225 (68) 16 1975 Originally the Great Western Bank-Pima Savings Building or Great Western Bank Building.
5 Tucson House 195 (59) 18 1963
6 Casino Del Sol Hotel Tower ~166 (~50) 10 2011 A 26ft tall L.E.D. dome sits atop the building.
7= Pima County Administrative Building 155 (47) 11 1969
7= Transamerica Building 155 (47) 11 1962 Originally the Phoenix Title Building, named after its largest tenant.
8 Pioneer Hotel Building 151 (46) 11 1930 Originally a hotel. In the early morning hours of December 20, 1970 a fire broke out in the building resulting in the deaths of 29 people. Louis Cuen Taylor, a 16-year old boy, was later charged with starting the fire. Taylor was sentenced to life in prison; when doubts arose as to the actual cause of the fire, he was allowed to change his plea to "no contest" and was set free after serving 42 years.
9 The Arizona Hotel 150 (45) 12 1973 Originally the Braniff Place Tucson or Braniff International Hotel.
10 Chase Building 142 (43) 11 1929 Originally the Consolidated National Bank building.
11= Pima County Superior Court Building ~137 (~42) 9 1974
11= UniSource Energy Building ~137 (~42) 9 2011 Building will become the new home for Tucson Electric Power and UniSource Energy, it is the first highrise/skyscraper built in Tucson since the mid-1980s.
12 Evo A. DeConcini United States Courthouse 134 (41) 6 2000
13= Gould-Simpson Building ~131 (~40) 10 1985
13= Merrill Lynch Building ~131 (~40) 9 1963
14 City Hall Tower 120 (36) 10 1967
15 Federal Building 113 (34) 8 1974
16 St. Marys Hospital 102 (31) 8 1950

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1 Tower 2015 ... Will be the city's and state's tallest tower upon completion 6 Level 170 (51.6) 2013 ... When completed it will be the city's sixth tallest building ... The building's height will be 170 feet ... The cost of this building is $25 Million ...

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