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Abel (アベル, Aberu?) is a heavily scarred French martial artist described as an amnesiac. His fighting style is based on Combat Sambo, and he has a move called Marseille Rolling. Obsessively following every lead on the whereabouts of Shadaloo's remnants, he was found in the burning remains of a Shadaloo base and nursed back to health by a group of mercenaries, working alongside them to rediscover his past and to defeat Shadaloo once and for all. He recognizes Guile's "Sonic Boom" technique, but refuses to comment when Guile presses him for information about Charlie, its originator. As a Combat Sambo practitioner, Abel is adept at striking and throwing moves.

It is hinted in Abel's ending that he may have been created by Shadaloo as a prototype of Seth or abducted in his youth to serve as a "replacement body" for M.Bison. This is reinforced by dialogue from both Bison and Seth, who mention him as "the one that got away". The appearance of his eyes change to resemble Seth's during the initiation of his ultra combo. It is also hinted that Charlie is the person that helped him as he recognized Guile's fighting style and comments to Chun-Li about the soldier that rescued him from Shadaloo. In Abel's rival encounter, Abel mentions that he recognizes Guile's Sonic Boom, leading to speculation that he may have spent time with Charlie.

Abel's game mostly revolves around mixing up strikes and throws, and also emphasizes canceling his standing medium kick canceled into a dash, and then linking into his standing heavy punch, or mixing up between strikes and throws after the standing medium kick, which leaves him at point-blank range with an advantage. His signature move – his ultra "Soulless" – involves him changing his eye color, delivering a series of punches and kicks to his opponent, throwing him into the air and then body-slamming him. In his second ultra, "Breathless", Abel runs at his opponent, seizes him, spins to create a tornado and drops him on the ground. Abel appears as a playable character in the crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken, with his official tag partner, Guile.

Abel is voiced by Kenji Takahashi in Japanese and by Jason Liebrecht in English. In the original design, he was a young judo fighter who wore pigtails and "could be mistaken for a girl".

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