List of Strawberry Shortcake Characters - 2003 - Year 4 - Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes

In the 2006 "Sweet Dreams Movie," Sour Grapes was reintroduced as the Purple Pieman's sister. In a number of ways, her personality stayed as it had been before. As in the '80s, she chided the Pieman for his ridiculousness. Unlike her '80s form, however, Sour Grapes had a greater sense of morality this time around. Also changed was her position in the crimes; whereas before she had suggested schemes herself and often talked the Purple Pieman into them, this time she was the follower and it can be argued that she followed out of affectionate familial devotion. Despite her shortcomings witnessed in the episode "Queen For a Day" and despite her initial reactions to the children in the aforementioned feature movie, she was repeatedly shown to be quite maternal and intelligent. When excited, her personality often changed from that of bitter adult to playful young girl. Though irritable, to emotionally reach her for the better was not at all a hard task. An allergy to strawberries, a suspectibility to headaches and hints to poor physical health in general further added to her depth of character.

The 'first' reformation of this character occurred in the episode "Dancin' in Disguise" and while she remained partners with her brother throughout the series, she did wish for things to be different. In the finale, the Purple Pieman is at last reformed, thus inevitably sealing Sour Grapes' own reformation. Dregs, the pet snake, did make a reappearance in the "Queen For a Day" episode. Strangely, he did not return after this.

She is voiced by Bridget Robbins.

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