List of Storyteller Café Episodes

This article is a listing of all episodes of Storyteller Café. The series currently consists of 9 episodes.

Episode Title Year of Completion
1 "The Gift" 2000
A wonderful reminder to celebrate the life of Christ all year, not just at Christmas.
2 "The Storm" 2001
The miraculous construction of the Ark, and the promise that God made to all of us in the form of a rainbow.
3 "The Battle" 2002
Tex finds himself too small for the armor of King Saul, and faces Goliath, portrayed by Vinnie the dinosaur. Even the most unlikely heroes can be mighty conquerors with God's help.
4 "The Rebel" 2003
A worker toy falls into the aquarium and is nearly eaten by a piranha, prompting Pete to share the story of Jonah. Beans plays Jonah as he's swallowed by the whale, then put ashore to prophesy to the people of Nineveh.
5 "The Lion's Den" 2005
The toys fear noises from the basement, which are found to be simply a noisy boiler. They reenact the story of Daniel in the lions' den, and learn we can trust God no matter what, even when things get tough and the right decision is not the popular one.
6 "Beyond the Manger" 2006
When Gallop is confused about the connection between eggs, bunnies, and Easter, Pete tries to answer their questions. The toys discover that the baby Jesus born in the manger is the same Jesus who was crucified and rose again in victory. There is more to Easter than eggs and bunnies, and viewers discover how they become part of the celebration.
7 "The Secret Plan" 2007
The toys express their talents while making music. Gallop's trumpet blast fells a building the worker toys have constructed, and this reminds Pete of the fall of Jericho. Gallop and Beans are sent to spy on the city. Features the song "We're Making Music."
8 "The Seven Baths" 2008
The toys have their annual race, Pete flying Gus the plane versus Chip flying his saucer. Beans uses balloons to get some honey off a high shelf, and finds himself competing in the race as well. When he ends up covered in honey, the toys decide to put him into the washing machine. This reminds Pete of the story of Naaman, who was told to bathe in the Jordan River seven times to be healed of leprosy.
9 "The Selfish Brother" 2008
When Beans loses his nose, the toys hear the stories Jesus told about the lost sheep and the lost coin. Tina tells the story of the son who took his inheritance early, and spent it all, a story commonly known as "The Prodigal Son." Features the song "I Just Wanna Go Home."

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