List of States in The Holy Roman Empire (R)

This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter R:







County Low Sax Acquired Barmstedt
1232/1233: HRE County
1200: Rapperswil founded
1229: 1st mention of Rapperswil castle
1309: Inherited by the Counts of Habsburg-Laufenburg
Town bought itself free from Austria
1442: Joined the Swiss Confederation
HRE County
Ratzeburg Bishopric
1180: HRE Prince-Bishopric
Low Sax EC 1180: Partitioned from older Duchy of Saxony
1236: Undisputed Imperial immediacy
1648: Secularized as a principality to Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Ratzeburg Principality Low Sax 1648: Secularized to Mecklenburg-Strelitz Held by D. of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Ravensberg 1180: County Low Rhen 1150: est. as fief of the older Duchy of Saxony
1180: Partitioned from the older Duchy of Saxony
Before 1180: Fief of the older Duchy of Saxony, until emperor deposed Henry the Lion
1180: Gained Imperial immediacy at the carve-up of the older Duchy of Saxony
1346: To Counts of Berg
1348: To Dukes of Julich
1521: To Dukes of Kleve
1614: To Brandenburg
Ravensburg Imperial Free City Swab SW 1276 1803: Mediatized to Bavaria
1810: Annexed to Württemberg
Ravenstein Barony 12th Century 1528: Annexed to Cleves
Rechberg Lordship
1577: HRE Barony
1626: HRE County
1179: 1st mention of Rechberg
1806: Mediatised to Wurttemberg
Rechberg and Rothenlöwen
Baron of Rechberg at Hohenrechberg
1601: HRE Barony
1613?: Imperial Estate
1745: Renamed from L. of Osterberg
1810: Bavarian Counts
Rechteren-Limpurg-Speckfeld County Franc FR 1713: Renamed from Rechteren when inherited a portion of Limpurg
Reckheim 1623: HRE County To Aspremont-Lynden
739: Bishopric Bav EC 919 1500: Bavarian Circle
1793: Council of Princes
1802: Principality of Regensburg-Aschaffenburg
1803: Archbishopric (merged with Mainz)
1803: Archbishopric-Electorate Bav EC 1803 (merged with Archbishopric of Mainz) 1810: To Bavaria
Regensburg 1180: Imperial Free City Bav SW 1180 1190-1245: Imperial administration
1500: Bavarian Circle
1802: Administered by Mainz
1803: Annexed to Bp. of Regensburg
1810: French administration
1810: Annexed to Bavaria
Regenstein County n/a 1160: Partitioned from Blankenburg 1366: Annexed to Hainburg
Regenstein County Low Sax PR Created of a union between Blankenburg and Hainburg Annexed to the Prince Bishopric of Halberstadt in 1599
HRE County
1500: Franconian Circle
To Schonborn
Reichenau RA 724: Monastery founded
Reichenstein HRE County 1698: Acquired by Nesselrode
Reichenweier Lordship
Reipoltskirchen HRE Lordship Upp Rhen
Remiremont 620: Abbey
1290: HRE Princess-Abbess
620: Abbey founded
1070: Imperial estate
1790: Secularized and annexed to France
Reuß (Reuss) 1673: Imperial County Upp Sax PR c1010 c1206: Partitioned into Reuss-Gera, Reuss-Plauen and Reuss-Weida
Reuß-Berg County Upp Sax PR 1583: Partitioned from Reuß-Unter-Greiz 1640: Annexed to Reuß-Unter-Greiz
Reuß-Ebersdorf County
1806: Principality
Upp Sax PR 1678: Partitioned from Reuß-Lobenstein
Reuß-Gera County Upp Sax PR c1206: Partitioned from Reuß 1479: Annexed to Reuß-Lobenstein
Reuß-Gera County Upp Sax PR 1647: Partitioned from Reuß-Schleiz 1802: Divided between Reuß-Lobenstein and Reuß-Schleiz
Prince Reuss, Count and Lord of Plauen, Lord of Greiz, Kranichfeld, Gera, Schleiz & Lobenstein
1778: Principality
Upp Sax PR 1303: Partitioned from Reuß-Plauen
1583: Partitioned from Reuß-Unter-Greiz
1564: Partitioned into Reuss-Ober-Greiz, Reuss-Schleiz and Reuss-Unter-Greiz
1604: Partitioned into Reuß-Ober-Greiz and Reuß-Unter-Greiz
1768: Union of Reuß-Ober-Greiz and Reuß-Unter-Greiz
Reuß-Hirschberg County Upp Sax PR 1678: Partitioned from Reuß-Lobenstein 1711: Divided between Reuß-Ebersdorf and Reuß-Lobenstein
Reuß-Hof County Upp Sax PR 1225: Partitioned from Reuß-Weida 1264: Re-annexed to Reuß-Weida
1288: Recreated on partition in 1288
1411: Annexed to Nuremberg
Prince Reuss, Count and Lord of Plauen, Lord of Greiz, Kranichfeld, Gera, Schleiz & Lobenstein
1673: County
1790: Principality
Upp Sax PR 1425: Partitioned from Reuß-Gera
1647: Partitioned from Reuß-Schleiz
1547: Annexed to Reuß-Plauen
1824: Lobenstein became part of Reuss-Ebersdorf
Reuß-Ober-Greiz County Upp Sax PR 1564: Partitioned from Reuß-Greiz 1768: Renamed to Reuß-Greiz
Reuß-Osterstein-Ronneberg County Upp Sax PR 1225: Partitioned from Reuß-Weida 1253: Re-annexed to Reuß-Weida
Reuß-Plauen County Upp Sax PR c1206: Partitioned from Reuß 1569: Divided between Reuß-Greiz and Saxony
Reuß-Saalburg County Upp Sax PR 1647: Partitioned from Reuß-Schleiz 1666: Re-annexed to Reuß-Schleiz
Prince Reuss, Count and Lord of Plauen, Lord of Gera, Kranichfeld, Greiz, Schleiz & Lobenstein
1806: HRE Prince
Upp Sax PR 1564: Partitioned from Reuß-Greiz
Reuß-Selbitz County Upp Sax PR 1710: Partitioned from Reuß-Lobenstein 1805: Re-annexed to Reuß-Lobenstein
Reuß-Unter-Greiz County Upp Sax PR 1564: Partitioned from Reuß-Greiz 1583: Partitioned into Reuß-Berg and Reuß-Greiz
Reuß-Unter-Greiz County
1673: Principality
Upp Sax PR 1604: Partitioned from Reuß-Greiz 1768: Annexed to Reuß-Ober-Greiz
Reuß-Weida County Upp Sax PR c1206: Partitioned from Reuß 1532: Partitioned several times. Annexed to Saxony
Reutlingen Imperial Free City Swab SW 1240 1803: Mediatized to Württemberg
Rheda Lordship 1190: To Lords of Lippe
1364: To Counts of Tecklenburg
1605: To Counts of Bentheim-Tecklenburg
1808: To Grand Duchy of Berg
1818: To Kingdom of Prussia
Rheina-Wolbeck 1802: Principality To 1082: Part of Bishopric of Munster
1806: To Grand Duchy of Berg
1811: Annexed to France
1815: To Prussia
Rheineck Lordship
El Rhin 1512: Electoral Rhenish Circle
1654: To Sinzendorf-Ernstbrunn
1806: To the Prince-Primate Karl Theodor von Dalberg
Rheinfelden Lordship
Rheinfelden Imperial city 1225 1330: Sold to Habsburg
Rheingau Rhinegraviate 937 1361: Annexed to Wild-Rhine
Rheintal Lordship / Bailiwick 1348: United under the County of Werdenberg 1395: Purchased by Habsburgs
1405: To Appenzell
1424: to County of Toggenburg
1464: Condominium of the Old Swiss Confederation
1798: Absorbed into the Canton of Säntis
Rickingen 1310: County 1310; Partitioned from Leiningen 1310: Created as a County ruled by Leiningen
1668: Annexed to Leiningen-Hartenburg
Riedesel zu Eisenbach Lordship
Riedlingen Imperial Free City?
Rieneck Lordship
1641: County
Franc 1619: Partitioned from Nostitz 1106/1108: Rieneck inherited by Count of Loon in Brabant who married its heiress
1156/1157: 1st mention of "of Rieneck" by the Counts of Loon
1179: 1st mention of Rieneck castle
c1200: Division into Loon and Rieneck
1366: Rieneck becomes a fief of Mainz
1500: Franconian Circle
1559: Line of counts died out; Reineck reverted to Mainz and Wurzburg
1673: Sold to Nostitz by Mainz
1796: Partitioned into Thürmitz and Tschochau
1815: To Bavaria
Rietberg 1237: County
1353: HRE County
Low Rhen 1237 1353: Imperial immediate estate
1456: Under sovereignty of Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel)
1526/1577: Passed by female inheritance to the Counts of East Frisia
1690/1702: Passed by female inheritance to the Counts of Kaunitz
1807: Annexed to Kingdom of Westphalia
1815: To Prussia
Rochefort County 1454: Partitioned from Arenberg 1544: Annexed to Stolberg-Rochefort
Roggenburg HRE Abbey Swab 1793: Council of Princes
Roggendorf HRE Lordship
HRE County
1600: To Austria
Rosheim Imperial Free City Upp Rhen 1648: Annexed to France
Rostock Principality
Röteln (Roteln) Lordship
Roth an der Roth 1376: HRE Abbey Swab 1793: Council of Princes
1803: Secularized to Counts of Wartenberg
1806: To Kingdom of Wurttemberg
Rothenburg ob der Tauber Imperial Free City Franc SW 1274 1500: Franconian Circle
1803: Mediatized to Bavaria
Rothenfels County Swab See Königsegg-Rothenfels
Rottenmünster Abbacy Swab 1793: Council of Princes
Rottweil Imperial City Swab SW 1140 1463: associate of Swiss Confederacy (until 17th century)
1802: Mediatized to Württemberg
Runkel Lordship
1219: County
1159: 1st mention of Runkel
1521: Inherited by the Counts of Wied
1698: To Counts of Wied-Runkel
1806: Mediatised to Nassau-Weilburg
Rügen Principality 1162 1168-1438: A Danish fief
1325: Princely house extinct; united with Pomerania-Wolgast
1648: To Swedish Pomerania
1815: To Prussia
Ruppin County To Counts of Arnstein
1524: Line of counts died out; passed to Brandenburg

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