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Hive Ship

Wraith hive ships are one of the largest spacecraft in the Stargate universe and the centers of Wraith civilization. One first appears in "Rising", where it was not recognizable as a ship as it had rested on a planet for so long that tall trees grew on its back. There were over sixty hive ships in the Pegasus galaxy when the Atlantis expedition arrived. Due to internecine strife amongst the Wraith over an inadequate human food supply, most hive ships barely tolerate one another's presence, with open hostilities being more common in the later seasons. Notable exceptions occur in "The Siege, Part 3", where twelve hive ships cooperate to attack Atlantis, and in "Be All My Sins Remember'd", where seven hive ships ally with Atlantis to defeat the Asurans. Over the course of Stargate Atlantis, a number of hive ships have been destroyed in various conflicts. Many hives are without Queens and cannot replenish their losses, making the Wraith more reluctant to commit them to battle.

Hive ships contain untold numbers of stasis pods for hibernating Wraith, as well as pods in which human victims are preserved for future feeding in cocoons. Hive ships are partially organic and lack shields, though they are capable of regeneration. They can withstand a hit from a Mark III tactical nuclear weapon, though not without suffering major damage. Hive ships are equipped with hyperdrives, though they must make periodic stops to allow their organic components to recover from hyperspace radiation. Hive ships mount numerous energy weapons throughout their hull and wield massive firepower. They also function as carriers, launching huge numbers of Wraith darts and supported by Wraith cruisers. However, the launch bays represent a vulnerable area where damage can lead to secondary internal explosions. Shortly after encountering the offensive use of Asgard beaming technology by the Daedalus, hive ships initiate countermeasures to prevent Earth ships from beaming onto their ships. A hive ship's consoles require telepathic control; Teyla Emmagan (who has trace amounts of Wraith DNA) can somewhat operate a hive ship with great effort.

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