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ROB 64

ROB 64 (known as NUS64 (ナウス64, Nausu Rokujūyon?) in the original Japanese language version) is the robotic operator of Star Fox's mothership, the Great Fox. ROB's name may be a reference to the NES accessory R.O.B.. The 64 is derived from the console of his first appearance, the Nintendo 64. ROB's Japanese name, "NUS", stands for "Nintendo Ultra Sixty-four", the original name of the Nintendo 64 system, and is part of the serial number of all N64 components: the controller, for example, is NUS-005.

ROB has the ability to completely control the Great Fox, piloting it, providing information to the team, and aiding them with items and vehicles. After the first Great Fox is destroyed in Assault, he returns in Star Fox Command piloting the new version of the Great Fox. On some paths in the game, ROB joins Star Wolf when no "hero" character is available. ROB is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi in the Japanese version of Star Fox 64, Yusuke Numata in Star Fox: Assault and Atsushi Abe in Star Fox 64 3D. He is voiced by Dex Manley in the English version of Assault and by David Frederick White in Star Fox 64.

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