List of SS Personnel - SS Soldiers

SS Soldiers

Rank Collar insignia


Mann (No Insignia)
Anwärter (No Insignia)
Bewerber (No Uniform)
Name Position SS number Joined SS Party number
Heinrich Barbl Rottenführer; participated in the T-4 Euthanasia Program and later Operation Reinhardt.
Josef Blösche Rottenführer; member of SD; involved in the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 314655 6547348
Hugo Hubener Rottenfuhrer; stepfather of Third Reich opponent Helmuth Hubener
Ragnar Johansson Swedish member of the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking and 11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland]. Killed 1 May 1945 in Battle of Berlin while driver for Hauptsturmführer Hans-Gösta Pehrsson
Alfried Krupp Freundeskreis der Reichsführer SS
Arms/Steel industrialist/Colonel in National Socialist Flyers Corps (NSFK)
None 1934 6989627
Josef Oberle Dutch SS guard at Amersfoort concentration camp
Eric Pleasants British defector and member of the SS British Free Corps None 1940 None
Sebastian Schmid Driver at Dachau concentration camp. War Crimes Defendant
Albert Speer Reichminister for Armaments and War Production 46 104 20 July 1942 474 481
Erich Topp Briefly member of Allgemeine-SS; dropped active NSDAP/SS membership after becoming member of armed Forces 1934 2,621,078
Berend Johan Westerveld Dutch SS Guard at Amersfoort concentration camp

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