List of Southern LCRV Flora By Region

A List of southern Lower Colorado River Valley-(LCRV) flora by region. The regions included are:

  1. southeast Colorado Desert
    (borders the Colorado River on east)
  2. Little Picacho Wilderness
    located in the extreme southeast Colorado Desert
    10 miles northeast of Yuma, Arizona, and Winterhaven, California in southeast Imperial County, California.
  3. Muggins Mountains Wilderness
    17 miles northeast of Yuma, Arizona on the southwest of the Muggins Mountains range
  4. City of Yuma, Arizona

Many parts of the Lower Colorado River Valley, and especially low- or middle-elevation desert regions are: the Creosote bush scrub biome. (Some other indicator species of the biome might be considered to be: Encelia farinosa, Krameria grayi, Anderson Thornbush, Bebbia juncea, etc.) In the western Sonoran Desert this may include the Ocotillo and Saguaro; in the Colorado Desert, only the Ocotillo.

Bolded species are the Creosote bush scrub biome species-(i.e. the creosote bush: Larrea tridentata, Saguaro, Ocotillo), or the endemics, or near-endemics to the LCRV region-(endemics listed in final section).

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