List of Social and Non-governmental Organizations in Burma

Myanmar, also known as Burma, has many organizations and societies set up by the government. Although they are loosely termed NGOs, they are partly under the supervision and receive funding from the government. The Myanmar Red Cross, for example, does carry out red cross related duties, but is also considered as a potential reserve force in times of conflict, while the War Veterans' Organization is a quasi-political society.

The following is a list of social and non-governmental organizations in Myanmar:

  • Auxiliary Fire Brigade
  • Foreign Correspondents Club of Myanmar
  • Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association
  • Manaung Township Association (Yangon)
  • Myanmar Auxiliary Fire Brigade
  • Myanmar Computer Federation
  • Myanmar Computer Industry Association
  • Myanmar Computer Professionals Association
  • Myanmar Dental Association
  • Myanmar Engineering Society
  • Myanmar Floriculturists Association
  • Myanmar Health Assistants Association
  • Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Association
  • Myanmar Library Association
  • Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association
  • Myanmar Medical Association
  • Myanmar Motion Picture Asiayone
  • Myanmar Motion Picture Organization
  • Myanmar Music Asiayone
  • Myanmar Music Organization
  • Myanmar National Committee for Women's Affairs
  • Myanmar Nurses Association
  • Myanmar Overseas Seafarers Association
  • Myanmar Photographic Society
  • Myanmar Printing and Publishing Association
  • Myanmar Red Cross Society
  • Myanmar Sports Writers Federation
  • Myanmar Thabin Organization
  • Myanmar Theatrical Organization
  • Myanmar Traditional Artist and Artisans Organization
  • Myanmar Veterans' Organization
  • Myanmar War Veteran Organization
  • Myanmar Women's Affairs Federation
  • Myanmar Women's Development Association
  • Myanmar Women's Entrepreneurs Association
  • Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association
  • Myanmar Writers and Journalists Organization
  • The Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control
  • Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Union Solidarity and Development Association
  • World Vision for HIV and AIDS project in Myanmar

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