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Shibboleths in Computing Culture

Shibboleths in computing culture include the following:

  • Computer software hobbyists and hackers may refer to their work as programming or coding, while others in salaried positions may refer to their job as software development or software engineering. Both major alternatives carry negative connotations to some members of opposing groups and their associates. (The debate centers on the level of complexity that should be implied to people who do not have the skills or time to evaluate for themselves.)
  • The spelling of the Perl programming language is occasionally used as a shibboleth; the all-uppercase spelling PERL (as if it were an acronym) is often considered incorrect. (Sometimes, a further distinction between "Perl" (the language) and "perl" (the interpreter for the language) is made.) See also the naming of Perl. In contrast, BASIC, APL, and COBOL language names should all be upper-case since they are acronyms.
  • The use of hacker as a professional descriptive, complimentary term as opposed to its mainstream media pejorative use in the context of criminal activity.
  • Network Neutrality is used by internet activists and netizens to describe a basic functioning principle of the Internet. Meanwhile those with political ties referencing network neutrality use the term in reference to legislation that would enforce network neutrality.
  • HTML5 must be spelled with no space, which is different from the previous versions. A spelling that was confusing even for the experts during a time, and remains not well understood in the computing community.

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