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  • Hang Zang-Ching (范 斬陳 (ハン ザンチン), Han Zan-Chin?) Chinese: Fàn Zhǎn-Chén: An enormous Chinese shaman whose spirit ally is a giant panda named Xiong-Xiong that forms an Oversoul with a gold Chinese gong. An explosives expert from Shanghai born into a wealthy family of doctors, he wanted to become a famous pop idol, but was rejected for being overweight, an issue which made him underconfident. Joining Hao in hopes of creating a world where physical appearances aren't important, he is a powerful fighter and impatiently ruthless. Zang Ching is the first to be killed during Peyote's betrayal, but is later resurrected with the Hana-gumi. After the conclusion of the Shaman Fight, he and Bill help Ren build a large electronics manufacturing company and they eventually become Tao Men's bodyguards.
  • Mohamed Tabarsi (モハメド・タバルスィー, Mohamedo Tabarusuu?): Known as "Turbine" (ターバイン, Taabain?), a young man who dresses concealing Arabian robes who frequently leads his peers in battle and acts kindly towards his comrades. He had been a mercenary since childhood and fought on the front lines protecting the weak as his country was invaded during the Gulf War; he was surrounded by enemies and about to die when Hao arrived and recruited him. His spirit is Djinn, contained in an heirloom lamp charm passed down for generations in Turbine's family, who will follow and protect Turbine no matter what. Djinn often combines with a glass medium in Turbine's hand to fire beams and can successfully grant any wish Turbine asks of him, though he can only grant one wish a day. During Peyote's betrayal, Turbine admits to developing doubts about Hao as well and cautions Peyote against acting rashly. Turbine is later killed by Midori Tamurazaki (Mansumi Oyamada's main henchmen) while fighting Peyote, with his body being too badly damaged to be resurrected. Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese), Wayne Grayson (English)
  • "Big Guy" Bill Burton (ビッグガイ・ビル・バートン, Biggu Gai Biru Baaton?): A gigantic football player and one of Hao's toughest followers, his spirits are the twenty-one members of his football team who died in a terrible accident caused by one of Bill's scorned fans. He follows Hao because Hao healed his injuries and gave a reason to live after his accident, though Bill expresses discomfort at the idea of killing ordinary humans. While he is killed during Peyote's betrayal, he is later resurrected. Along with Zang-Ching, he helped Ren build an electronics manufacturing company and eventually becomes one of Tao Men's bodyguards. In the anime, he dies shortly after joining in the final battle between Hao's allies and Yoh's friends, for his body could not survive his own recently-increased power.

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