List of Shadow Star Characters - Opponents - Bearers and Shadow Dragons - Naozumi Sudo

Naozumi Sudo (須藤 直角 Sudō Naozumi): One of Komori's friends, he is very calm and polite, but is in fact a dangerous sociopath who does not hesitate to commit crimes such as grand theft auto and murder to accommodate his ideals. Sudo himself claims that he has surpassed a human level of emotional discomfort and desire. He sees himself as someone who protects Earth, even though he sends Satomi Ozawa to kidnap Akira to discover whether she has a dragon. He believes he can change the world, releasing it of its bonds to tradition, custom, and common sense by means of a society based on one's abilities; he claims that only those who have an impact on the world truly deserve to live, and that the human race is wasting the limited amount of resources available to them.

Sudo's dragon resembles Hoshimaru and Ein Soph, but is significantly larger and possesses a menacing armored faceplate. Sudo never named him, but he is referred to as Trickster (トリックスター Torikkusutā) by Mamiko. It is noted that his parents and older brother are missing, and suggested in a conversation between him and one of his old teachers that he may be responsible for his family's "disappearance".

Eventually, he, Satomi, and Bungo begin their plan to destroy the world by means of a nuclear winter, but he starves himself to death while endlessly plotting how to select the master race of this new world he would have created. With his dying breath, he says that what he hates most of all is himself.

His Japanese voice actor is Hideki Taizaka.

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