List of Sekirei Characters - South City - Hayato Mikogami

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)

Hayato Mikogami (御子上 隼人, Mikogami Hayato?) is 15 year-old Ashikabi controlling the southern part of the city. He has been shown to have no tolerance for failure and is one of the more complex characters, with his personality being fairly different with each of his appearances. In his first appearance, he seemed to be very cruel, only caring about "winging" Kusano and calling Yomi useless, whereas in his second appearance he seemed easygoing and carefree. Like Tsukiumi, Mikogami also strongly follows the rules for the Sekirei Plan. He appeared with his Sekireis and chased off Uzume when she attempted to take the Jinki Minato won in the third match of the Third Stage. He made no attempt to take it from Minato either, stating that he will take it in a fair match. He seems to be a collector of rare items, like getting rare-ability Sekirei and getting all excited when the Jinki were called extremely valuable. He also shows that while he likes collecting sekirei, he hates losing them, as when they are terminated they leave him, making him lonely. Later on, he states that he wishes to collect all the Jinki so that he can bring back #43 and #38, and make all the terminated sekirei his.

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