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Other Characters

Kaoru Seo (瀬尾 香, Seo Kaoru?)
Voiced by: Nakai Kazuya (drama CD), Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)
Seo is the Ashikabi of Hikari and Hibiki. He was Takehito's friend, who appears to be in hostel with him. Miya apparently has a very low opinion of him, easily referring to him as "trash" or "scum" right in front of his face. He works as a freelancer, whose motto is "We solve their problem with a price", and also takes various odd jobs and manual labor. He detests how the MBI works and its CEO (Minaka) and sometimes eats for free at the Izumo Inn when he is low on money (in which his Sekirei apologize). Seo has a gruff, wild look, but he is a very good man to rely on. It has been said that he has an "ability" given to him by Takehito, which is shown to be the cancellation of a Sekirei's abilities by grabbing ahold of them, as shown during his brief fight with Tsukiumi and during his meeting with Sanada. While Seo is aware that Minato is an Ashikabi, he makes no aggressive action against him and they usually just have friendly conversations with each other, saying "I liked you from the start" for some reason. He is able to tell the number of Sekirei a person has by his "strong nose". He mentioned that he built the secret room where Matsu hides in for Takehito. Seo is the one who finds the last remaining Jinki thus ending the Third Stage and qualifying him and his Sekirei for the Final Stage.
Hikari (光?, Sekirei #11) and Hibiki (響?, Sekirei #12)
Hikari Voiced by: Yuko Kaida (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)
Hibiki Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)
Twin sisters that have power over electricity and Seo's Sekirei. In the First and Second stages, they seek to fight unwinged Sekirei. It is later stated by Homura that, although they are the underdogs, they have more expertise in fighting. In the anime, Hikari is seen wearing violet or blue suits (darker ones in the manga), while Hibiki is seen wearing purple or pink suits (brighter ones in the manga). Hikari is more emotional and has a short temper (and larger breasts) unlike her sister, who is practically the leader of the pair. They are aware that Seo is not the most impressive Ashikabi (which gives them the reputation of being the Sekirei of the "Loser Ashikabi"), but they both like him and are willing to defend him. Ironically, they refuse to let Seo wing any other Sekirei by striking the latter with lighting. They are nicknamed the "Thunder and Lighting twins", in reference to their names (their names can also mean "light and sound" allogerically), and their Norito is "The thunderclap of our oath, destroy the disasters that befall our Ashikabi!"
Haruka Shigi (鷸 ハルカ, Shigi Haruka?) and Kuno (久能?, Sekirei #95)
Shigi Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English)
Kuno Voiced by: Satomi Akesaka (Japanese), Kate Bristol (English)
Haruka Shigi is a 19 year-old ronin college student who, like Minato, wishes to enroll in Tokyo University. Kuno, his Sekirei, is much of a weak, klutzy crybaby whose main ability is her voice, using it to either confuse their enemy or block their attacks. With her Norito, she can drain the energy from her enemies while putting them to sleep, but it seems to have a weak effect from a long distance. Shigi desires to defend her and wants to withdraw from the Game by leaving Tokyo before MBI's soldiers could capture them, and sought Minato and Kaoru's help to escape Tokyo, which eventually succeeded despite being a bit injured along with Kuno during an encounter with the Discipline Squad. Before the final stage begins, Minato receives a letter from them, learning that they are now living with Shigi's parents in Kyoto and are rooting for him to win the Sekirei Fight. Kuno's Norito is "The vow of my song, light the path of my Ashikabi!".
Kaho (Sekirei #87)
A Sekirei who takes part in the final match of the third stage along her ashikabi Oosumi Orihiko. She survives the final match when the Jinki obtained by Minato rolls over to Kaho and she grabs it, thus making her immune to the special wavelength created by Minaka to terminate all disqualified Sekirei at the place. Kaho is known for being very strong and her weapon of choice is a naginata. She was rescued by Yume along Musubi when they were children. Just like Musubi, she vows to defeat Karasuba by herself, thus she refuses to return the Jinki to Minato, as it qualifies her to possibly confront Karasuba in the Final Stage.
Narashino (習志野?, Sekirei #74)
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi (drama CD)
A Sekirei whose Ashikabi is Osamu Tsudanuma (津田沼修, Tsudanuma Osamu?). Her power remains a mystery, since she was blown away by just one attack from Shiina. Her only appearance so far is in an Omake. Later it is revealed that both Narashino and Osamu managed to flee Tokyo just like Shigi and Kuno.
Saki (サキ?, Sekirei #55)
A Sekirei that only appeared in the manga with a one page of profile on her.
Yashima (八嶋?, Sekirei #84)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa (Japanese), Lindsay Seidel (English)
A Sekirei who wields a massive hammer as her personal weapon. Her Ashikabi is Junichi Tanigawa (谷川 じゅんいち, Tanigawa Jun'ichi?, Voiced by: Shunzo Miyasaka (Japanese), Newton Pittman (English)), who treated her as nothing more than a possession, physically abusing her regardless of what she has done. Despite using a Norito to power up, she was defeated by Shiina's Death Garden and lost her Sekirei crest. Her Norito is "The hammer of my pledge! Shatter the enemy of my Ashikabi!", enabling her to use her Gravity Hammer (グラビティーハンマー, Gurabitī Hanmā?) attack.
Natsu (夏?, Sekirei #72)
The third Sekirei defeated by Uzume on the instructions of Higa.
Ikki (伊岐?, Sekirei #19)
A Sekirei who wielded dual kodachi as weapons. She was defeated and nearly killed by Karasuba with a sword thrust through her chest. She only appears on one page of chapter 53.
Namiji (波路?, Sekirei #73)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese), Dana Schultes (English)
A Sekirei wielding a massive halberd. She and her Ashikabi Koji Takano (高野 広次, Takano Kōji?, Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (Japanese), Viktor Walker (English)) were winners of the second match of the Third Stage. She was defeated by Shiina and Uzume on the instructions of Higa.
Nanaha (七葉?, Sekirei #78)
A Sekirei whose Ashikabi, Yoichi Himura (日村 容一, Himura Yōichi?, Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese), Brandon Potter (English)), went to Minato for help in escaping the city. After Minato refuses to help them, she is soon defeated by Karasuba.

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