List of Sekirei Characters - Izumo Inn (North City)

Izumo Inn (North City)

The Izumo Inn (出雲荘, Izumo-sō?), often called Maison Izumo, is a boarding house in which Minato and his Sekirei reside. It was built by Takehito Asama with aid from Kaoru Seo, and Miya is the current owner and landlady of the Inn following her husband's death.

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List Of Sekirei Characters - Izumo Inn (North City) - Miya Asama
... Voiced by Sayaka Ohara Japanese) Monica Rial English)Miya Asama 慖 ¾å‰ Asama Miya? Sekirei 00,renumbered 01)is the landlady of the IzumoInn and the oldest ... Takehito,her husband and supposed Ashikabi,worked at MBI as a researcher,but died ... However,she prohibits fighting and obscenity in her house,although she passively does wiretapping using a rubber duck speaker with glasses and a 2 on its forehead that she refers to as Duck-san ...