List of Sekirei Characters - East City - Yukari Sahashi

Voiced by: Kana Asumi (Japanese), Jasmine Mendigo (English)

Yukari Sahashi (佐橋 ユカリ, Sahashi Yukari?) is Minato's younger sister and a college student who is enrolled in Shinto Women's University. Yukari has a very strong and confident personality unlike her older brother, and later comes to Tokyo to attend university and to be closer to her mother and brother. She has a strong interest in handsome men, especially bishōnen. This interest, however, is mostly a result of her hidden feelings for Minato, whom she cares for deeply, which she cannot openly express. She is Shiina's Ashikabi and is helping him search for Kusano. Her forceful reputation and merciless attack style as well as a penchant for displaying a demonic facial visage has earned her the title of "Devil Ashikabi" (悪魔の葦牙, Akuma no Ashikabi?). Together with Shiina they are known as the "most evil" pair and are the second-most feared after the Hannya of the North, carrying a bounty of 1,000,000 Yen by an Ashikabi who fought them. Yukari was taken prisoner by Izumi Higa in order to use Shiina's power for himself. She later escaped Higa's clutches by starting a fire in the room where she was held and jumping through the window before being rescued by Shiina, where she confessed her feelings for him. She was unaware of what Shiina did in her absence. During the final match of the third stage, Yukari discovers that Minato is an Ashikabi and Kusano is a Sekirei of his. Curiously, she once wished for such pairing to occur. With the third stage ended, Yukari leaves the city with Shiina to evade the Disciplinary Squad as by that time they are ordered to terminate all Sekirei not qualified for the final stage.

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