List of Seinfeld DVD Releases - Volume 2: Season 3 (1991–92)


Volume 2: Season 3 (1991–92)

(DVD case background - Monk's Cafe interior)

  • Disc 1 (main menu - Jerry's apartment interior)
    • "The Note" - Inside Look, Deleted Scene
    • "The Truth"
    • "The Dog" - Deleted Scene
    • "The Library" - Inside Look, Commentary (Larry Charles)
    • "The Pen" - Inside Look, Commentary (Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David)
  • Disc 2 (main menu - Monk's Cafe interior)
    • "The Parking Garage" - Inside Look, Commentary (Tom Cherones & Tom Azzari), Deleted Scene
    • "The Cafe" - Inside Look
    • "The Tape"
    • "The Nose Job" - Inside Look, Deleted Scene
    • "The Alternate Side" - Deleted Scene
  • Disc 3 (main menu - subway car interior)
    • "The Red Dot" - Inside Look, Deleted Scene
    • "The Suicide" - Inside Look
    • "The Subway" - Inside Look, Commentary (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards)
    • "The Pez Dispenser" - Inside Look, Commentary (Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David)
    • "The Boyfriend, Part 1/The Boyfriend, Part 2" - Introduction by Jerry Seinfeld, Inside Look, Commentary (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards), Deleted Scenes
  • Disc 4 (main menu - parking garage interior)
    • "The Fix-Up" - Inside Look, Deleted Scenes
    • "The Limo" - Inside Look, Commentary (Larry Charles)
    • "The Good Samaritan" - Inside Look, Deleted Scenes
    • "The Letter" - Inside Look, Deleted Scenes
    • "The Parking Space" - Inside Look, Commentary (Tom Cherones & Tom Azzari)
    • "The Keys" - Inside Look
  • Bonus Features
    • "Kramer vs Kramer: Kenny to Cosmo" (Featurette) — A short about the strained relationship between actor Michael Richards (who played Cosmo Kramer) and Kenny Kramer, the real-life inspiration for the character.
    • "Notes About Nothing" (Trivia Track)
    • "Inside Looks" (Retrospective Featurettes)
    • "In the Vault" (Deleted Scenes)
    • "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That" (Bloopers)
    • "Yada, Yada, Yada" (Audio Commentaries)
    • "Master of His Domain" (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)
    • "Sponsored by Vandelay Industries" (NBC Promos and TV spots)
    • Introduction on "The Boyfriend"
    • Photo Gallery
    • Web Links

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