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Mary Duvall

Harley Jane Kozak (June 25, 1985-July 15, 1986, February 21-February 22, 1989)

Mary Duvall first appeared in 1985 when she arrived to support her sister Christie, who had been raped. When first introduced, Sister Mary was living in a convent; later she left the order and began working as a trained nurse. After she had left the convent, she was hired to take care of C.C. Capwell who was in a coma. C.C's son Mason was immediately attracted to Mary and before-long the two began a relationship even though Mary was very causious from the beginning due to her inexperience. Mary's innocence and gentleness brought out a vulnerability and tenderness in Mason, who, for the first time in his life felt loved. Feeling jealous and spurned, Gina orchestrated a seemingly romantic moment between Mason and herself in a way that Mary was sure to witness. Hurt, Mary ended her relationship with Mason and became involved with an old friend, Dr. Mark McCormick.

After an accident nearly killed Mark, Mark used his life-threatening condition to get Mary to agree to marry him. Ever so kind-hearted Mary agreed despite her love for Mason, because she wanted to give Mark a reason to live. Mason was devastated, but arranged Mary and Mark's wedding at the hospital. To everyone's surprise Mark survived. Mason and Mary remained dear friends after Mary's wedding, although Mason never kept it a secret that he was still very much in love with Mary, so much so, that he wanted Mary's happiness more than his own. It soon became clear,though, that Mark wasn't making Mary happy.He was aggressive,abusive and unfaithful.In Mason Mary found a true friend who would listen to her and comfort her. During her whole marriage Mary had fought the deep love she felt for Mason,because she really wanted her marriage to work. Although Mary was able to resist him for a while, her unhappy and abusive marriage to Mark and her deep feelings for Mason made it impossible for her to remain with the man she didn't love.

Mary finally confessed her true feelings to Mason and the two spent a beautiful holiday in the mountains.Right then and there, Mason who had been afraid of commitment his entire life,asked Mary to marry him and she agreed.When Mary tried to end her unconsummated marriage, Mark raped her. Mary became pregnant and did not know which man had fathered her child. Mason believed the baby was his until he learned about the rape, which filled him with a thirst for revenge. Mason was convinced that the baby was his and told Mary that even if it wasn't,he would love him and raise him as his own because the child was Mary's and he loved Mary more than life. Mason urged Mary to press charges against Mark. During a tragic confrontation between Mary, Mark and Mark's attorney Julia Wainwright on a windy night on the roof of the Capwell Hotel, Mary was seriously injured when the letter "C" from the hotel sign was blown over and fell on her. Mason arrived to the roof just in time to see the sign falling on Mary. He rushed to Mary's side,but there was nothing to be done. Mary and their unborn baby died in Mason's arms.Losing Mary and the child she was carrying devastated Mason. His grief sent him headlong into a bottle, and he eventually left town. Even though Mason eventually was able to get his life back togehter, he never recovered from losing the greatest love of his life and their unborn baby.

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