List of Samurai Shodown Characters From 3D Series - Characters - Saya

First game Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (PlayStation)
Designed by Senri Kita
Voiced by Kyōko Hikami (氷上恭子) (WR PS)
Fictional profile
Fighting style Compassionate Arts of Cancellation (慈梵式相殺術?)
Weapon Shi'en & Hien (Halting Swallow & Soaring Swallow) (止燕 飛燕, Shien Hien?), twin stylized daggers

Saya (サヤ, Saya?, also written as 沙耶) is a character who is introduced in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (PlayStation).

She is a foreigner from an unknown country, trained by her stepmother in Ritenkyo in the ways of assassin. She joins as a member to the "Atom Rebels", a faction which seeks independence from both the Bakufu government and the iron reign of the Razor Trio, seeking to avenge the death of her family.

After the fall of the Razor Trio, Saya is confronted by a female ninja who claims to be a member of the Razor Trio called Benten, who is intent on finishing her mission of killing Saya's family. They fight one another with Saya emerging victorious. Benten reveals herself to be Saya's stepmother, who was also ordered by Oboro to assassinate Saya's family. However, she lost her husband during the mission, and started to question the motives behind the Razor Trio's ambitions. Benten urges Saya to kill her to complete her revenge. Instead, Saya spares her and decides to care for the rest of the orphans who inhabit Riten Kyo, leaving a proud Benten behind.

Saya makes another appearance in the dating sim Days of Memories: Oedo Love Scroll.

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