List of Runaways Story Arcs - The Terry Moore Era - Rock Zombies

Rock Zombies

  • Originally published in: Runaways #7-9 (February 2009 - April 2009)
  • Creators: writer Terry Moore, guest-artist Takeshi Miyazawa

Val Rhymin and a magician named Mother work together to create a spell that will turn all of Los Angeles into zombies. The two of them turn every plastic surgery patient in Los Angeles into zombies, because plastic surgery is one thing most of the citizens partake in. They infuse the spell with a CD, so any plastic surgery patient who listens to the CD will soon turn into a zombie. Los Angeles is soon taken over by zombies, and Nico's magical ability is put to the test. After defeating Val, Mother and the zombies, Nico learns her Staff's developed an ability to defend itself. Zak Edwards of Comic Book Bin rated the first issue 6.5/10. While calling the main plot "very bad", he praised Moore for finally figuring out the characters. Edwards also went as far as to praise Miyazawa's artwork, calling it a "serious upgrade" from the previous drawer. Moore mentioned in his blog that Runaways #8 was critically approved.

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