List of Rocko's Modern Life Episodes - Episodes - Season 4 (1996)

Season 4 (1996)

Rocko's Modern Life season 4 episodes
# Title Airdate Prod. Code
40 1 "With Friends Like These / Sailing the 7 Zzz's" July 8, 1996 040

With Friends Like These: Rocko must choose between Filbert and Heffer to invite to a wrestling match.

Sailing the 7 Zzz's: Mr. Bighead, while sleepwalking, believes that he is a pirate and tries repeatedly to obtain a treasure map from Rocko.
41 2 "Pranksters / From Here to Maternity" July 9, 1996 041

Pranksters: April Fool's day arrives in O-Town and Filbert becomes the butt of Rocko and Heffer's pranks. But things change when a relative of Rocko's is expected to visit.

From Here to Maternity: Filbert and Hutch are expecting babies!
42 3 "Ed Good, Rocko Bad / Teed Off" July 10, 1996 042

Ed Good, Rocko Bad: Ed Bighead and Rocko campaign against each other for city dog catcher.

Teed Off: Ed's boss invites Ed to a game of golf. Ed is told to let Mr. Dupette win, but Heffer has other ideas.
43 4 "Wimp on the Barbie / Yarn Benders" July 11, 1996 043

Wimp on the Barbie: Rocko's old grade-school bully stops by for a visit.

Yarn Benders: Filbert is ill, so Rocko and Heffer spin up some wild fairy tales to help him feel better.
44 5 "Mama's Boy / Feisty Geist" July 12, 1996 044

Mama's Boy: Heffer moves out and gets a job, but he soon learns that his roommates wild lifestyle is having a negative influence.

Feisty Geist: After a visit to a spirit reader, Heffer is plagued by a spirit of his own.
45 6 "S.W.A.K. / Magic Meatball" July 15, 1996 045

S.W.A.K.: Rocko sends a love letter, but when he thinks she has a boyfriend, he tries to get it back.

Magic Meatball: Ed Bighead, under pressure at the job, turns to using a Magic 8-Ball to make executive decisions.
46 7 "Closet Clown / Seat to Stardom" July 16, 1996 046

Closet Clown: Ed Bighead tries to hide his secret identity, Ed the Clown.

Seat to Stardom: Rocko becomes a famous underwear model, "Wedgie Boy." The lack of free time strains his friendship with Heffer.
47 8 "The High Five of Doom / Fly Burgers" July 17, 1996 047

The High Five of Doom: Filbert is suspected of being an alien.

Fly Burgers: Fleko the fly sues Rocko.
48 9 "Heff in a Handbasket / Wallaby on Wheels" July 18, 1996 048

Heff in a Handbasket: Heffer once again meets up with that inept devil, Peaches, after Heffer sells his soul to be on a game show.

Wallaby on Wheels: Falling in love with a roller-skater, Rocko tries to impress her by running a dangerous obstacle course.
49 10 "Dumbells / Rug Birds" July 19, 1996 049

Dumbells: Rocko gets arrested after a game of Ding Dong Ditch gets out of hand.

Rug Birds: Filbert takes Rocko on a bird wig-snatching hunt.
50 11 "Hypno-Puppy Luv / Driving Mrs. Wolfe" October 8, 1996 050

Hypno-Puppy Luv: Heffer hypnotizes Rocko.

Driving Mrs. Wolfe: Virginia Wolfe, Heffer's mother, asks Rocko to teach her to drive.
51 12 "Put to Pasture / Future Schlock" October 10, 1996 051

Put to Pasture: With Heffer seriously ill, Rocko flashes back to their youth.

Future Schlock: 17 years into the future, Filbert's children ask Filbert the meaning of a banana which they found in a refrigerator.
52 13 "Turkey Time / Floundering Fathers" November 24, 1996 052

Turkey Time: Thanksgiving in O-Town, and Rocko tries to save the turkeys.

Floundering Fathers: The group spin tales about who really founded O-Town.

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