List of Rocko's Modern Life Episodes - Episodes - Season 3 (1995-96)

Season 3 (1995-96)

Rocko's Modern Life season 3 episodes
# Title Airdate Prod. Code
27 1 "Bye, Bye Birdie / Belch of Destiny" October 22, 1995 027

Bye, Bye Birdie: Heffer accidentally kills Filbert's pet Birdy.
Belch of Destiny: Heffer has a unique talent which embarrasses Hef's father.
George Maestri, a writer, described "Bye, Bye Birdie" as "a real story." At age 12, Maestri babysat a bird belonging to a family neighboring his. The bird died two days after the neighbors left.

Murray described "Belch of Destiny" as one of his favorite episodes because the episode supported his theory to "let kids be kids." In addition Murray recalled the memories of himself, Steve Hillenburg, and Mark O'Hare laughing after listening to the "belch talking" track created by a Warner Brothers producer. Prior to the production of the tape, Murray and his crew arranged a meeting with the producer. During that period, the producer could not belch talk, even after Murray bought him beer and spaghetti. The belch talking tape arrived several days afterwards.
28 2 "The Emperor's New Joe / Schnit-heads" October 29, 1995 028

The Emperor's New Joe: The story of the Chameleon Brothers and their coffee scandal in the old country of Balzack.

Schnit-heads: Heffer falls into a sausage-worshiping cult.
29 3 "Sugar Frosted Frights / Ed is Dead" October 31, 1995 029

Sugar Frosted Frights: Filbert fights his fear of Halloween.

Ed is Dead: Rocko suspects Beverly of murdering Ed.
30 4 "Fish-N-Chumps / Camera Shy" November 12, 1995 030

Fish-N-Chumps: Rocko, Heffer and Filbert go on a fishing trip, unsuspecting that they are the prey.

Camera Shy: Heffer and Filbert secretly video tape Rocko, and the movie turns into an underground hit, even winning an award at a film festival.
31 5 "Nothing to Sneeze At / Old Fogey Froggy" November 19, 1995 031

Nothing to Sneeze At: A mistake at the hospital endows Beverly with a nose, but the stench of her husband Ed is making her sick.

Old Fogey Froggy: When Ed feel youth slipping away, he tries to become friends with Rocko, Heffer and Filbert.
32 6 "Manic Mechanic / Rocko's Happy Vermin" December 3, 1995 032

Manic Mechanic: Rocko's car breaks down, but Filbert can bring it back to life.

Rocko's Happy Vermin: When Rocko helps the bugs escape from Ed's prison, they become unwelcome guests.
33 7 "I See London, I See France / Fatlands" December 10, 1995 033

I See London, I See France: On a trip to France, Rocko falls in love.

Fatlands: Bloaty and Squirmy return, this time living on an obese Spunky, as Rocko tries to get Spunky to loose weight.
34 8 "Fortune Cookie / Dear John" December 17, 1995 034

Fortune Cookie: Every fortune cookie which Filbert opens predicts dire consequences for Filbert.

Dear John: Rocko hires TV host Bob "Bucky" Taylor to repair his destroyed kitchen, but finds out that Bucky can only build bathrooms.
35 9 "Speaking Terms / Tooth and Nail" December 31, 1995 035

Speaking Terms: Heffer and Rocko appear on television after getting into an argument.

Tooth and Nail: Rocko tries to overcome his nail-biting addition.
36 10 "Wacky Delly" January 21, 1996 036

Ralph Bighead wants to leave the world of television animation, so he gives Rocko, Filbert and Heffer free rein in creating a new television show, hoping that their ineptitude will get Ralph's contract canceled.

Murray described "Wacky Delly" as one of his favorite episodes because it addressed issues affecting Murray, the directors, and the writers.

Murray and Richard Leroy filmed the live-action meatloaf scene on Murray's patio with a wind-up camera to capture the colors of early 1960s films. Murray cooked the meatloaf and Carol Wyatt, the color supervisor, placed press-on nails on her hand and used her hands in the scene. At first the camera did not work. When Murray decided to end the shoot, the camera functioned, allowing for the shoot to continue. During the filming, two flies landed on the meatloaf. Leroy believed that the flies spoiled the shoot, while Murray believed that the flies enhanced the shoot. Murray used the plates involved in the production of the scene until he accidentally broke the plates; Murray discarded the plates.
37 11 "The Big Question / The Big Answer" January 28, 1996 037

The Big Question: The first part of a two-part episode has Filbert finally asking Doctor Hutchison to marry him.
The Big Answer: A huge fight breaks out at the wedding, threatening Filbert and Hutch's marriage.

Murray described the episode as one of his favorite episodes.
38 12 "An Elk for Heffer / Scrubbin' Down Under" February 11, 1996 038

An Elk for Heffer: In order to be considered an adult, the Wolves tell Heffer to bring elk home for dinner, but ends up falling in love with it.

Scrubbin' Down Under: Rocko becomes a celebrity thanks to a little bit of spinach stuck in his teeth.
39 13 "Zanzibar / Fatal Contraption" April 21, 1996 039

Zanzibar: This musical-style episode has the Rocko pitting the town citizens against Conglom-O and their pollution.

Fatal Contraption: Rocko becomes the owner of a possessed food-processor.

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