List of Rock Types - Igneous


Andesite - an Intermediate volcanic rock
Anorthosite - an igneous ultramafic rock composed predominantly of plagioclase
Aplite - a very fine grained intrusive igneous rock
Basalt - a volcanic rock of mafic composition
Adakite - a class of basaltic rocks containing low yttrium and ytterbium
Hawaiite - a class of basalts formed from ocean island (hot spot) magmatism
Basanite - a volcanic rock of mafic composition; essentially a silica undersaturated basalt
Boninite - a high-magnesian basalt dominated by pyroxene
Carbonatite - a rare igneous rock composed of >50% carbonate minerals
Charnockite - a type of granite containing pyroxene
Enderbite - a variety of charnockite
Dacite - a felsic to intermediate volcanic rock with high iron content
Diabase or dolerite - an intrusive mafic rock forming dykes or sills
Diorite - a coarse grained intermediate plutonic rock composed of plagioclase, pyroxene and/or amphibole
Dunite - an ultramafic cumulate rock composed of olivine and accessories
Essexite - a silica undersaturated mafic plutonic rock (essentially a foid-bearing gabbro)
Foidolite - a plutonic igneous rock composed of >90% feldspathoid minerals
Gabbro - a coarse grained plutonic rock composed of pyroxene and plagioclase basically equivalent to basalt
Granite - a coarse grained plutonic rock composed of orthoclase, plagioclase and quartz
Granodiorite - a granitic plutonic rock with plagioclase > orthoclase
Granophyre - a subvolcanic intrusive rock of granitic composition
Harzburgite - a variety of peridotite; an ultramafic cumulate rock
Hornblendite - a mafic or ultramafic cumulate rock dominated by >90% hornblende
Hyaloclastite - a volcanic rock composed primarily of glasses and glassy tuff
Icelandite - a volcanic rock
Ignimbrite - a fragmental volcanic rock
Ijolite - a very rare silica-undersaturated plutonic rock
Kimberlite - a rare ultramafic, ultrapotassic volcanic rock and a source of diamonds
Komatiite - an ancient ultramafic volcanic rock
Lamproite - an ultrapotassic volcanic rock
Lamprophyre - an ultramafic, ultrapotassic intrusive rock dominated by mafic phenocrysts in a feldspar groundmass
Latite - a silica undersaturated form of andesite
Lherzolite - an ultramafic rock, essentially a peridotite
Monzogranite - a silica undersaturated granite with <5% normative quartz
Monzonite - a plutonic rock with <5% normative quartz
Nepheline syenite - a silica undersaturated plutonic rock with nepheline replacing orthoclase
Nephelinite - a silica undersaturated plutonic rock with >90% nepheline
Norite - a hypersthene bearing gabbro
Obsidian - a type of volcanic glass
Pegmatite - an igneous rock (or metamorphic rock) with giant sized crystals
Peridotite - a plutonic or cumulate ultramafic rock composed of olivine and pyroxene
Phonolite - a silica undersaturated volcanic rock; essentially similar to nepheline syenite
Picrite - an olivine-bearing basalt
Porphyry - a rock, usually granitic, with a porphyritic texture
Pumice - a fine grained, extremely vesicular volcanic rock
Pyroxenite - a coarse grained plutonic rock composed of >90% pyroxene
Quartz diorite - a diorite with >5% modal quartz
Quartz monzonite - an intermediate plutonic rock, essentially a monzonite with 5-10% modal quartz
Rhyodacite - a felsic volcanic rock which is intermediate between a rhyolite and a dacite
Rhyolite - a felsic volcanic rock
Comendite - a peralkaline rhyolite
Pantellerite - an alkaline rhyolite-rhyodacite with amphibole phenocrysts
Scoria - an extremely vesicular mafic volcanic rock
Sovite - a coarse grained carbonatite rock
Syenite - a plutonic rock dominated by orthoclase feldspar; a type of granitoid
Tachylyte - essentially a basaltic glass
Tephrite - a silica undersaturated volcanic rock
Tonalite - a plagioclase-dominant granitoid
Trachyandesite - an alkaline intermediate volcanic rock
Benmoreite - sodic trachyandesite
Basaltic trachyandesite
Mugearite - sodic basaltic trachyandesite
Shoshonite - potassic basaltic trachyandesite
Trachyte - a silica undersaturated volcanic rock; essentially a feldspathoid-bearing rhyolite
Troctolite - a plutonic ultramafic rock containing olivine, pyroxene and plagioclase
Trondhjemite - a form of tonalite where plagioclase-group feldspar is oligoclase
Tuff - a fine grained volcanic rock formed from volcanic ash
Websterite - a type of pyroxenite, composed of clinoproxene and orthopyroxene
Wehrlite - an ultramafic plutonic or cumulate rock, a type of peridotite, composed of olivine and clinopyroxene

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