List of Riots in Mumbai - Riots


Riots in Mumbai
Name Year Locations Cause Factions Deaths Wounded Damage Ref
Bombay Dog Riots 1832 (6 to 7 June) South Mumbai Protest by Parsis against the British government's killing of stray dogs Parsis None None N/A
Parsee-Muslim riots 1851 October 1851 Protests by Muslims against the Chitra Dynan Darpan owned by a Parsee. The publication had printed a depiction of Prophet Mohammed and his history. Parsis
Parsee-Muslim riots 1857 May 1857 Broach and Mumbai Linked to the Broach riots Parsis
2 Parsis murdered N/A N/A
Parsee-Muslim riots 1874 13 February 1874 Publishing of details of Prophet Mohammed in Famous Prophets and Communities by Rustomji Hormusji Jalbhoy Parsis
Bombay Riots of 1930 1930 various Protests against the Salt tax Indian
British government
1992 Bombay Riots December 1992, January 1993 Various Protests over the demolition of the Babri Masjid Hindus

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