List of Renaissance Commentators On Aristotle

List Of Renaissance Commentators On Aristotle

This is a list of Renaissance commentators on the works of Aristotle, particularly those on natural philosophy and ethics.

Source: Names taken from The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy
  • Donato Acciaiuoli
  • Alessandro Achillini
  • Blasius of Parma
  • Lodovico Boccadifero
  • Simon Brossier
  • Antonio Brucioli
  • António de Gouveia
  • Francesco Buonamici (fr)
  • Joachim Camerarius
  • John Case
  • Giulio Castellani
  • Juan de Celeya (es)
  • Josse Clichtove
  • Gasparo Contarini
  • Luis Coronel
  • Sebastian Couto
  • Gilbert Crab
  • Cesare Cremonini
  • Petrus Crockaert
  • Petrus Ramus
  • Johannes Dullaert
  • Nicolas Dupuy
  • Johannes Eck
  • Felice Figliucci
  • Galeazzo Florimonte (it)
  • Pedro da Fonseca
  • George of Brussels
  • Hubert van Giffen
  • Emmanuel de Goes
  • Johannes Herbetius
  • Crisostomo Javelli
  • Denys Lambin
  • Giulio Landi
  • Gaspar Lax
  • Jacques Lefèvre d'Étaples
  • Raffaele Maffei (it)
  • Johannes Magirus
  • John Mair
  • John of St Thomas
  • Diego Mas (ca)
  • Antonius a Matre Dei
  • Marc-Antoine Muret
  • Giulio Pace
  • Paul of Venice
  • Philipp Melanchthon
  • Antonio Montecatini
  • Agostino Nifo
  • Benito Pereira
  • Giovanni Pico
  • Francesco Piccolomini
  • Pietro Pomponazzi
  • Giovanni Pontano
  • Francis Robortello
  • Antonio Rubio de Rueda
  • Jakob Schegk
  • Domingo de Soto
  • Ciriaco Strozzi
  • Francisco Suarez
  • Antonius Sylvester
  • Audomarus Talaeus (Omer Talon)
  • Petrus Tartaretus
  • Nicolaus Taurellus
  • Gaetano da Thiene
  • Alvarus Thomaz (de)
  • Frans Titelmans
  • Franciscus Toletus
  • Francisco Vallés
  • Paulus Vallius (Paolo Valla)
  • Pietro Martire Vermigli
  • Nicoletto Vernia
  • Johannes Versor
  • Jacopo Zabarella
  • Marcantonio Zimara
  • Diego de Zúñiga
  • Theodor Zwinger

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