List of Religious Populations - By Population - Christians


Largest Christian populations (as of 2010):

  1. United States 246,790,000
  2. Brazil 176,356,100
  3. Mexico 107,780,000
  4. Russia 102,600,000
  5. Philippines 93,121,400
  6. Nigeria 80,510,000
  7. People's Republic of China 67,070,000
  8. DR Congo 63,150,000
  9. Germany 56,957,500
  10. Ethiopia 52,580,000
  11. Italy 51,852,284
  12. United Kingdom 45,030,000
  13. Colombia 42,810,000
  14. South Africa 40,560,000
  15. France 39,560,000
  16. Ukraine 38,080,000
  17. Spain 36,697,000
  18. Poland 36,090,000
  19. Argentina 34,420,000
  20. Kenya 34,340,000

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Famous quotes containing the word christians:

    Why need Christians be still intolerant and superstitious? The simple-minded sailors were unwilling to cast overboard Jonah at his own request.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    There is not a Musselman alive who would not imagine that he was performing an action pleasing to God and his Holy Prophet by exterminating every Christian on earth, while the Christians are scarcely more tolerant on their side.
    Denis Diderot (1713–1784)

    The more you mow us down, the more numerous we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.
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