List of Punk Rock Bands, L–Z - U


Band name Origin Years active Brief summary
UFX Blackpool, England, UK 2000–present UK "junk rock" band.
U.K. Subs London, England, UK 1976–present A band part of the original punk rock movement in England during the late 70's.
The U-Men Seattle, Washington, USA 1981–88
Unbroken San Diego, California, USA 1991-95, 2010
The Undead New Milford, New Jersey, USA 1980–present An American horror punk band.
Undeclinable 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands 1992–2009
The Undertones Derry, Northern Ireland, UK 1976–83, 1999–present A punk rock and sometimes considered power pop or New Wave band.
Union 13 East Los Angeles, California, USA 1992–present A hardcore punk band who incorporate elements of their Central American background in their music.
The Units San Francisco, California, USA 1978–84
Unsane New York City, New York, USA 1988–2000, 2003–present
The Unseen Hingham, Massachusetts, USA 1993–present An American street punk band.
Untouchables Washington, D.C., USA 1979-81
Unwritten Law San Diego, California, USA 1990–present An American rock band.
Urban Waste New York, New York, USA 1981-84
Urinals Los Angeles, California, USA 1978–present A punk rock band known for their minimalistic style in their lyrics, sometimes even referred to as "punk haiku".
U.S. Bombs Huntington Beach, California, USA 1993–present An American punk rock band.
Useless ID Haifa, Israel 1995–present The most successful Punk Rock band in Israel

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