List of Punk Rock Bands, 0–K - F


Band name Origin Years active Brief summary
Fabulous Disaster San Francisco, California, United States 1998–2007
Face to Face Victorville, California, USA 1991–2003, 2008–present A punk band best known for their signature song "Disconnected", which has been frequently played by KROQ.
The Faction San Jose, California, USA 1982–85, 1989, 2001-05
The Faith Washington, D.C., USA 1981–83 An American D.C. hardcore band led by Alec MacKaye, brother of Minor Threat front man Ian MacKaye.
The Falcon Chicago, Illinois, USA 2004–present A supergroup with members or former members of The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, and other bands.
Fall Out Boy Wilmette, Illinois, USA 2001-2009, present A pop punk/emo pop band that achieved massive commercial success in the mid-2000s. In 2009, the ground went on hiatus. They came off hiatus in early 2013
Fang Berkeley, California, USA 1981-89, 1995, present
Farben Lehre Płock, Poland 1986–present
The Fartz Seattle, Washington, USA 1981–83, 1998–2003 An American hardcore band on Dead Kennedys' lead singer Jello Biafra's record company, Alternative Tentacles.
Los Fastidios Verona, Italy 1991–present
Fatal Microbes England 1979
Fear Los Angeles, California, USA 1977–present A hardcore punk band.
Fenix TX Houston, Texas, USA 1995–2002, 2005–present A pop punk band.
Feeling B Berlin, Germany 1983-93, 2007
Fiasco Brooklyn, New York City, USA 2005–present A trio of teenagers from Brooklyn. They play a combination of hardcore and math punk.
Fifteen Berkeley, California, USA 1991–1996, 1998–2000
The Fight Dudley, England 2000-09
Figure Four Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1996–present
Figures of Light USA 1970–present Best known for song "It's Lame"
The Filaments Essex, England 2000–present
Filth East Bay, California, USA 1989-91, 2010
Filthy Thieving Bastards Oakland, California, USA 2000–present
Final Conflict Long Beach, California, USA 1983–present
Finley Milan, Italy 2003–present An Italian band plays a kind pop-rock rhythms and sounds that tend to pop-punk and to hard rock
First Arsch Schwerin, Germany 1986
Fit For Rivals Jacksonville, Florida, USA 2006–present An American Punk Rock, Emo & Hardcore punk band
Fitz of Depression Tumwater, Washington, USA 1987–1997, 2000, 2002
Five Iron Frenzy Denver, Colorado, USA 1995–2003 A Christian ska band.
Flatcat Belgium 1993–present
Flatfoot 56 Chicago, Illinois, USA 2000–present A Celtic punk band from Chicago.
The Flatliners Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2002–present A Canadian punk rock/ska punk band.
Fleas and Lice Groningen, Netherlands, 1993–present
Flema Avellaneda, Argentina 1987–2002, 2007–present A punk rock band.
The Flesh Eaters Los Angeles, California, USA 1977–1983, 1990–1993, 1999–present
Fleshies Oakland, California, USA 1999–present
Flipper San Francisco, California, USA 1979–87, 1990–95, 2005–present A noise punk band from California. Credited as one of Nirvana's biggest influences.
Flogging Molly Los Angeles, California, USA 1997–present A celtic punk band.
Flux of Pink Indians Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England 1980-86
The Flys Coventry, England 1976–1980
F-Minus Huntington Beach, California, USA 1995–2004 A crust punk band on Hellcat Records.
FM Static Toronto, Canada 2003–present A Christian pop punk band.
Fokofpolisiekar Bellville, South Africa 2003– present An Afrikaans punk band from Bellville, South Africa.
Fonzie Lisbon, Portugal 1996–present
Fools Dance Horley, Surrey, England 1983-85
forgetters Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA 2009–present
Forgotten Rebels Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1977–present A Canadian punk band.
Foreign Legion Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK 1984–present, 2000–present Wales's longest running punk/streetpunk band.
Four Walls Falling Richmond, Virginia, USA 1983-95
Four Year Strong Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 2001–present
FPB Teplice, Czech Republic 1981–87, 1990, 2008 An early Czechoslovakian punk rock band, notable for integrating musical complexity and poetry into their music.
Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 Landis, North Carolina, USA 1996–2002, 2004–05
Frenzal Rhomb Sydney, Australia | |1992–present
The Freeze Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA 1978–present A hardcore punk band.
The Frisk Berkeley, California, USA 2000-05
Frodus Washington, D.C., USA 1993–1999, 2009
From Ashes Rise Nashville, Tennessee, USA 1997–2005, 2010–present
The Frustrators USA 1999–present
The F.U.'s Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1982-90
Fucked Up Toronto, Canada 2001–present Polaris Music Prize-winning hardcore punk band.
Fuel East Bay, California, USA 1989-91
Fugazi Washington, D.C., USA 1987–present One of the first and most important post-hardcore bands.
Fun People Campana, Argentina 1989–2000 A straight edge melodic hardcore band.
Funeral Dress Belgium 1985–Present Street Punk band from Antwerpen region.
Fun Things Brisbane, Australia 1979–1980 A Brisbane punk rock group.
Fuzigish Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 1997– present A Ska punk band from Johannesburg, South Africa.
F.Y.P USA 1989-99

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