List of Programs Broadcast By The Du Mont Television Network

List Of Programs Broadcast By The Du Mont Television Network

This is a List of programs broadcast by the DuMont Television Network, which operated in the United States from 1946 to 1956. All regularly scheduled programs which were aired on the DuMont network are listed below, regardless of whether they originated at DuMont. Some DuMont network series were actually broadcast from Baltimore's WAAM-TV, Chicago's WGN-TV, Cincinnati's WCPO-TV, or Philadelphia's WFIL. These stations were not DuMont-owned stations but were affiliated with the network. Programs which aired on the DuMont network but originated from affiliate stations are noted in this list.

Some DuMont programs were produced by other networks but aired on DuMont. For example, Play the Game (1946) was produced by ABC, but aired on DuMont since ABC had no network until 1948. The Admiral Broadway Revue (1949) aired on both NBC and DuMont at the same time, as did Man Against Crime (1953). Pick the Winner (1952) aired on both CBS and DuMont. Some programs, such as Flash Gordon (1954) aired both in syndication and on DuMont. These exceptions are noted in the list.

Programs produced at DuMont facilities but which aired on other networks, such as CBS's The Honeymooners (1955), are not included in this list. Also not included in this list are the numerous local programs seen on individual DuMont stations, Paramount television series, and programs created by successor companies (DuMont Broadcasting Company, Metropolitan Broadcasting, Metromedia, and Fox Broadcasting Company). See those articles for programs produced or aired by those companies.

A timeline of DuMont network programs appears at the end of this list. For a list of surviving DuMont programs, see List of surviving DuMont Television Network broadcasts.

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