List of Professional Go Tournaments - International - Open




  • Ing Cup is a tournament sponsored by Ing Chang-ki, Ing, Yomiuri Shimbun, the Nihon-Kiin and the Kansai-Kiin every four years. The winner's purse is $500,000. The current title holder (2008) is Choi Cheol-han.
  • BC Card Cup is a tournament sponsored by BC Card every year. The winner's purse is 300,000,000 Won/$300,000. The current title holder (2011) is Lee Sedol.
  • LG Cup is a tournament sponsored by LG Group. The winner's purse is 250,000,000 Won/$250,000. The current title holder (2011) is Piao Wenyao.
  • Samsung Cup is a tournament sponsored by Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance (which is a branch of the Samsung Group) and the Hanguk Kiwon. The winner's prize is 250,000,000 Won/$250,000. The current title holder (2011) is Won Seong-jin.
  • Chunlan Cup is a tournament sponsored by the Chunlan Group of China every two years. The winner's purse is 1,200,000 Yuan/$170,000. The current title holder (2011) is Lee Sedol.
  • Fujitsu Cup is a tournament sponsored by Fujitsu and Yomiuri Shimbun. The winner's purse is 15,000,000 Yen/$141,000. The current title holder (2011) is Park Junghwan.

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