List of Prime Ministers of India

List Of Prime Ministers Of India

The Prime Minister of India is the political leader of the country and the principal head of government of the Republic of India. As addressed to in the Constitution of India, the prime minister is the chief of government, chief advisor to the president, head of the Council of Ministers and the leader of the majority party in parliament. The office holder is responsible for nominating all other members of the government, chairing cabinet meetings. The office of Prime Minister was created immediately after the establishment of India, according to the Indian Independence Act, in 1947. There have been 13 and one acting prime ministers since 1947. From Indian National Congress; six, Janata Dal; three and one from Janata Party, Janata Party (Secular), Samajwadi Janata Party, Bharatiya Janata Party leaders have served at the post.

Jawaharlal Nehru was appointed as the first Prime Minister of independent India by the President in 1947. He served at the post till 27 May 1964 when he died in office, making him the longest serving Prime Minister of the country. Gulzarilal Nanda succeed him as the acting Prime Minister and served until elections. Lal Bahadur Shastri was selected as the second Prime Minister of the country on 9 June 1964 and the place was taken by Nanda as an acting Prime Minister again, when he died. Indira Gandhi assumed the office as the third Prime Minister on 24 January 1966 and served till 24 March 1977, making her the first female Prime Minister of Inida. Morarji Desai, the first Janata Party leader and Charan Singh the first Janata Party (Secular) leader served at the post chronologically until Gandhi was reelected for the post on 14 January 1980. She served at the position till 31 October 1984 when she was assassinated, making her the country's second longest serving and the world's second longest serving female Prime Minister.

Rajiv Gandhi the son of Indira Gandhi succeed her as the sixth prime minister on 31 October 1984. V. P. Singh, the first Janata Dal leader and Chandra Shekhar, the first Samajwadi Janata Party served at the post until election of P. V. Narasimha Rao of Indian National Congress in 1991. He was succeed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee; the first Bharatiya Janata Party leader to take the position 16 May 1996, however the government fell after 13 days as BJP was unable to get the support from other parties. H. D. Deve Gowda and Inder Kumar Gujral, both from Janata Dal served at the post chronologically forming the United Front until reelection of Vajpayee in 1998 who formed the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government for the first time. The government collapsed after thirteen months resulting in fresh polls in which Vajpayee was reelected for the third time. He served at the post till 22 May 2004 when Indian National Congress again came to power with Dr. Manmohan Singh assuming the post as the 13th Prime Minister, forming the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government for the first time. Singh got reelected in the 2009 General elections and currently serves as the Prime Minister from UPA.

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