List of Power Stations in Sweden - Thermal Non-Nuclear

Thermal Non-Nuclear

Station Site Coordinates Capacity (MW) Status Type of fuel
Stärnö Power Station Karlshamn 56°09′08″N 14°50′01″E / 56.1522609°N 14.8336351°E / 56.1522609; 14.8336351 (Stärnö Power Station) 1020 MW Used as reserve Fuel Oil
Stenungsund Power Station Stenungsund Unknown 820 MW Two machines is used as reserve grid power Fuel Oil
Bråvalla Power Station Norrköping Unknown 220 MW Decommissioned Fuel Oil
Öresund Power Station Malmö 55°37′33.61″N 13°2′18.67″E / 55.6260028°N 13.0385194°E / 55.6260028; 13.0385194 (Öresund Power Station) 440 MW Operational Natural Gas

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