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Name Life Comments
Andersen, Elmer L.Elmer L. Andersen 1909–2004 A businessman and former governor of Minnesota. He contracted polio, aged nine, and was confined to bed. Andersen eventually made a good recovery but in his eighties, he was affected by post-polio syndrome. He believed that polio had a positive psychological impact on him and increased his determination.
Beazley, KimKim Beazley 1948 !born 1948 Former leader of the Australian Labor Party. He contracted polio, aged five.
Bennett, Charles EdwardCharles Edward Bennett 1910–2003 Former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Florida. He contracted polio during World War II in the Philippines. Bennett walked with a cane.
Bjelke-Petersen, JohJoh Bjelke-Petersen 1911–2005 Queensland, Australia's longest serving Premier, Joh contracted polio at age nine, which left him with a limp.
Boyles, Harlan E.Harlan E. Boyles 1929–2003 A North Carolina politician, Boyles had hoped to become a farmer, but was struck by polio as a teenager. After spending a year in hospital he went into public service instead.
Cohen, SteveSteve Cohen 1949 !born 1949 A Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Tennessee. He was unfortunate to miss out on the 1954 Salk vaccine trials that his paediatrician father was helping with and that his brother benefited from—he was not in the appropriate age-group. Cohen caught polio that year, aged five, and was ill for three months. He still walks with a limp and has problems with his balance.
Critchley, JulianJulian Critchley 1930–2000 A writer, broadcaster and Conservative Member of Parliament. He contracted polio in his youth and was much later affected by paralysis from post-polio syndrome.
Dail, CharlesCharles Dail 1909–1968 Elected Mayor of San Diego in 1955, Dail, who had had polio, helped to establish the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.
Diarmada, Seán MacSeán Mac Diarmada 1883–1916 Although he was left lame after a bout of polio in 1911, Mac Diarmada was involved in several Irish separatist organisations including Sinn Féin and the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and was one of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising.
East, John PorterJohn Porter East 1931–1986 Former Republican member of the United States Senate from North Carolina. He caught polio in 1955 while serving as a lieutenant in the United States Marines.
Hager, John H.John H. Hager 1936 !born 1936 Politician and former Senior Vice President of American Tobacco Company. He caught polio from his son's oral vaccination, which left his legs paralysed.
Kremer, Daniel J.Daniel J. Kremer 1937 !born 1937 Presiding Justice of the California Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division One. He caught polio while in high school during a 1950s polio epidemic.
Martin, Paul Edgar PhilippePaul Edgar Philippe Martin 1938 !born 1938 Prime Minister of Canada from 2003 to 2006. He caught polio in 1946, which paralysed his throat, and took almost a year to fully recover.
Martin, Paul Joseph JamesPaul Joseph James Martin 1903–1992 A politician, and father of Paul Martin (the former Prime Minister of Canada). He contracted polio in 1907 and was left with a slight limp. Martin was Minister of Health and Welfare when the Salk vaccine was conducting field trials. His personal family experience of polio made him determined to continue the trial, even after a setback where 79 children caught polio from the vaccine.
McConnell, MitchMitch McConnell 1942 !born 1942 A Republican member of the United States Senate from Kentucky and current Senate Minority Leader. He contracted polio at age two resulting in a paralyzed left leg, but eventually recovered with physical therapy.
McNamara, RobertRobert McNamara 1916 !1916–2009 A business executive and former United States Secretary of Defense. Both McNamara and his wife contracted polio in August 1945. He was in hospital for a couple of months but his wife was badly affected and remained there for nine months. His career change from Harvard professor to the Ford Motor Company was made to pay her hospital bills.
Padaca, GraceGrace Padaca 1963 !born 1963 Grace Padaca is the current governor of the northern Philippines province of Isabela. A bout of polio at age three left her using crutches; Padaca often declares: "My weakness is my strength".
Paulus, NormaNorma Paulus 1933 !born 1933 A politician from the state of Oregon, Paulus contracted polio at age nineteen. After her recovery, she moved to Salem where she became a legal secretary.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882–1945 U.S. President 1933-1945. See "Doubtful" section below.
Royle, AnthonyAnthony Royle 1927–2001 Prior to his run as a Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Richmond (Surrey), Royle, the Baron Fanshawe of Richmond, was an officer in the SAS. In 1950, he shipped out for Korea. En route, he contracted polio and had to be left in Malaysia where spent a year fighting for his life in an iron lung. He survived, but the disease left him with a permanent limp.
Scheuer, James H.James H. Scheuer 1920–2005 Scheuer was a millionaire real-estate developer and served 13 terms (1965 to 1993) as a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from New York. During World War II he served as an Army Air Force flight instructor, after which he developed symptoms of polio and used a cane for the rest of his life.
Skelton, IkeIke Skelton 1931 !born 1931 A Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Missouri since 1977, Skelton developed polio as a child. During his recovery he developed a love of history. In 2004 Skelton sponsored a resolution honouring the life and legacy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Wade, Baron Wade, DonaldDonald Wade, Baron Wade 1904–1988 A British solicitor who later became a Liberal Party MP, Wade suffered from polio as a child.
Ware, MarthaMartha Ware 1917–2009 A Plymouth County, Massachusetts District court judge from 1956 to 1979. Prior to that, she served three terms as a state representative from 1950 to 1956. During her campaign for the Legislature in 1950 she was stricken with polio and was bedridden for three months. Sitting in a wheelchair, she was sworn into office in January 1951.
Watson, Arthur C.Arthur C. Watson 1909–1984 A prominent Natchitoches, Louisiana civic leader, and chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party, Watson lost the use of both legs when he contracted polio at the age of 19 months.
Woods, GavinGavin Woods 1947 !born 1947 Gavin Woods is a South African political figure who contracted polio as a baby. He overcame the many obstacles posed by the effects of the disease to become a member of parliament, among other achievements.
Hee, Yit FoongYit Foong Hee 1959 !born 1959 Hee Yit Foong was the first non-Malay, disabled woman, to become the deputy speaker of a Malaysian legislative body, the Dewan Undangan Negeri of Perak. She carries a limp from a case of polio she contracted at the age of 4.

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