List of Pokémon (320–386) - Banette


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Banette (ジュペッタ, Jupetta?, Jupetta in original Japanese language versions) are said to come from plush toys that were thrown away, similar to how Grimer and Koffing are formed by industrial waste. Shuppet possesses a discarded doll, growing into and forming Banette. It is also said that Banette live in garbage dumps or back alleys and wander around looking for the children that disposed of them. Each Banette is filled with strong feelings of hate, which it expresses by laying powerful curses. It gains power to cast those curses by sticking pins into its own body, turning itself into a voodoo doll. Banette's weakness lies in that its vital force is artificial, since it is an inanimate object infused with a cursed energy. This energy can be removed and effectively exorcized by forcing its zipper-like mouth open.

In the anime Harley owns a Banette.

IGN editor "Pokémon of the Day Chick" called it the "coolest Ghost type ever", as well as her personal favourite. She added that its concept is cool, stating that "she's a haunted doll; what's not to love?".

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