List of Plants By Common Name (Sonoran Desert) - Some Categories

Some Categories

  • Agavaceae, (Agave)-Agave
    1-Golden Flowered Agave
    2-Parry's Agave
    3-Schott Agave
    4-Agave Toumeyana
  • Agavaceae, (Agave)-Dasylirion
    1-Dasylirion wheeleri
  • Agavaceae
    • Agave
    • Hesperocallis
    • Yucca
  • Amaranthaceae, (Amaranth)
    • Chenopodioideae
      • Desert Saltbush, Four-wing Saltbush
  • Anacardiaceae, (Sumac)
    1-Sugar Sumac
  • Apocynaceae//Asclepiadaceae, (Milkweed)
    1-Antelope Horns
    2-Rush Milkweed(Leafless Milkweed)
    3-Climbing Milkweed
    4-Rambling Milkweed
  • Asparagales
Funnel Lily
  • Asteraceae, (Sunflower)
    See: List of Asteraceae genera
    Arrowweed, Broom Snakeweed
    Scale Bud
    Stevia, Dandelion
    Desert Straw, Thurber's Stephanomeria
    Spanish Needles
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Acourtia
    1-Desert Holly /#1, (Desert peony)
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Baccharis
    1-Seepwillow, 2-Desert Broom
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Bebbia
    1-Chuckwalla's Delight
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Centaurea
    1-Russian Knapweed
    2-Yellow starthistle/#1
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Chaenactis-(Pincushion)
    1-Fremont's Pincushion
    2-Esteve's Pincushion
    3-Mojave pincushion
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Geraea-(Honeysweet)
    1-Desert Sunflower
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Palafoxia
    1-Spanish Needles
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Pectis
    1-Fetid Marigold
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Senecio
    1-Threadleaf Groundsel-(=Butterweed)
    2-Lemmon's Butterweed
    3-New Mexico Butterweed, 4-Senecio
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Viguiera
    1-Annual Goldeneye
    2-Parish Viguiera
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Xanthium
    1-Common Cocklebur
  • Asteraceae, Genus: Zinnia
    1-Wild Zinnia
  • Asteraceae
    See: List of Asteraceae genera
  • Berberidaceae, (Barberry)
    1-Fremont Barberry
    2-Kofa Mountain Barberry
    3-Red Barberry
  • Bignoniaceae, (Trumpet Creeper)
    • Chilopsis, ( 1 species )
  • Boraginaceae, (Forget-me-not)
    2-Narrow-Leaved Popcorn Flower(Cryptantha)
    3-Sweet-Scented Heliotrope, 4-Salt Heliotrope(Heliotropium)
    5-Fringed Gromwell(Lithospermum)
    6-Shrubby Coldenia(Tiquilia), 7-Crinkle Mats(Tiquilia)
  • Brassicaceae, (Mustard)
    • London Rocket
  • Burseraceae, (Torchwood, Incense Tree)
    1-Elephant Tree-Bursera
  • Buxaceae, (Box fam.)
  • Caesalpinioideae, (Pea Family)
    (Senna (genus)//Cassia (genus)): Desert Senna(Desert senna)
  • Caprifoliaceae, (Honeysuckle)-Lonicera
  • Caprifoliaceae, (Honeysuckle)-Sambucus
  • Caprifoliaceae, (Honeysuckle)-Symphoricarpos
  • (Caryophyllales)//Amaranthaceae
    Chenopodiaceae, (Goosefoot)
    Desert Holly
    Four-Wing Saltbush, Little Leaf Saltbush
    Russian Thistle
  • (Caryophyllales)//Nyctaginaceae, (Four O'clock)
    Desert Wishbone Bush, Sand-verbena
  • (Caryophyllales)//Sarcobataceae, (greasewood fam.)
    Black Greasewood
  • Celastraceae, (Staff vine fam.) 1-Crucifixion Thorn /#2
  • Cornales(Order)-Loasaceae, (stickleaf)
    1-White-bracted Stickleaf
    2-Venus Blazing Star
    3-Desert Blazing Star
  • Crossosomatales(order) - Crossosoma, 1-Bigelow Ragged Rock Flower, (or Bigelow's Crossoma)
  • Cucurbitaceae (Gourds, etc.)
    1-Finger Leaf Gourd-Cucurbita
    2-Buffalo Gourd-Cucurbita
    3-Wild Cucumber-Marah
  • Ericaceae, (Heather)-Arbutus
  • Ericaceae, (Heather)-Arctostaphylos
    1-Pointleaf Manzanita, (A. pungens)
    2-Pringlei Manzanita, (A. pringlei)
  • Fabaceae - Faboideae
  • Fabaceae, (Pea family)-Dalea
    1-Dalea—2-Emory Dalea
    3-Feather Dalea—4-Parry Dalea
    5-Scruffy Prairie Clover
    6-Smoketree—7-Trailing Smokebush
  • Fabaceae, (Pea family)-Olneya
    1-Desert Ironwood
  • Fabaceae - See: Leguminosae
  • Gentianaceae, (Gentian)
    1-Arizona Centaury or (Buckley's Centaury)
  • Heliantheae, (Sunflower)
    Buffalo Weed
  • Hydrangeaceae, (?Hydrangea)-Jamesia
  • Krameriaceae, (Ratany-Rhatany)
    1-White Ratany
    3-Range Ratany
  • Lamiaceae-(Labiatae), (Mint)
    2-Desert Lavender-Hyptis
    3-Horehound-Marrubium 4-Field Mint-Mentha
    5-Chia-Salvia, 6-Texas Betony-Stachys
  • Chia-(Salvia columbariae)
  • Leguminosae --- Pea Family
    • Caesalpinioideae
      • Palo verdes
    • Fabaceae, (Legume)
    • Mimosoideae
  • Liliaceae, (Lily)
    Allium: Desert Onion
    Androstephium, Funnel Lily
    Calochortus, Desert Mariposa
    Dichelostemma, Blue Dicks
    Hesperocallis, Ajo Lily
  • Malvaceae, (Mallow and relatives)
Arizona Desert Cotton
Desert five-spot
"Desert Globemallow"
Little Leaf Globemallow
Rock Hibiscus
  • Mimosoideae, (Legume)
    • Acacia, Acacia greggii
    • Mimoseae, Mridula cactus
      • Prosopis, Mesquite
Honey Mesquite, Screwbean Mesquite
Velvet Mesquite, (Common Mesquite)
  • Nyctaginaceae, (Four-O'clock)
    1-Sand-verbena-Abronia (plant)
    2-Trailing Four O'clock-Allionia
  • Oleaceae, (Olive)-Forestiera
    1-New Mexican Forestiera
    2-Desert Olive
  • Oleaceae, (Olive)-Fraxinus
    1-Lowell Ash
    2-Velvet Ash
  • Oleaceae, (Olive)-Menodora
    1-Yellow Menodora
  • Onagraceae, (Evening Primrose)-Calylophus
    1-Hartweg Evening Primrose
  • Onagraceae, (Evening Primrose)-Oenothera
    1-Dune Primrose
  • Papaveraceae, (Poppy)
    1-Bluestem Pricklepoppy-Argemone
    2-Mexican Gold Poppy-Eschscholzia
    3-Little Gold Poppy-Eschscholzia
    4-Cream Cups-Platystemon
  • Pinus
    • Pinyon Pine
  • Platanus, (Sycamore)
  • Poaceae, (true grasses)
    • Salt-grass
  • Polemoniaceae, (Phlox)
Broad Leaved Gilia
Linanthus demissus(Humble Gilia or Desert Snow)
see also: Arizona firecracker
  • Polygonaceae, (Buckwheat, Knotweed)
Canaigre Dock, Desert trumpet
Rigid Spiny Herb
  • Ranunculaceae, (Buttercups, etc.)
  • Barestem Larkspur, Desert Anemone
  • Rhamnaceae, (Buckthorn)-Frangula(=Rhamnus)
    1-Birchleaf Buckthorn
    2-California Buckthorn/Rhamnus californica
  • Rosaceae, (Rose)-Rubus
    New Mexican Raspberry
    Red Raspberry
  • Ruscaceae, (?Dasylirion)-Dasylirion
    1-Common Sotol(Dasylirion_wheeleri),
    or: Desert_Spoon
  • Salicaceae, (Willow)-Populus
    1-Narrowleaf Cottonwood
    2-Fremont Cottonwood
    3-Quaking Aspen
  • Salicaceae, (Willow)-Salix
    1-Bonpland Willow
    2-Coyote Willow
    3-Goodding Willow
  • Sapindaceae, (Soapberry)-Dodonaea-(Dodonaea)
    1-Dodonaea viscosa-(Florida)-Hopbush
  • Sapindaceae, (Soapberry)-Sapindus-(Wingleaf Soapberry)
    1-Western Soapberry
  • Sapotaceae, (Sapote, Sapodilla)
    1-Gum Bumelia-Bumelia
  • Santalaceae
    • Mistletoe
  • "Category" : Shrub.
    Note: * can also develop into tree form.
    • Artemisia (plant) (Sagebrush)
    • Berberis (Barberry)
    • Cotinus (Smoketree) *
    • Cowania (Cliffrose) Now: Purshia
    • Ephedra (Ephedra)
      • Mormon Tea
    • Fallugia (Apache Plume)
    • Genista (Broom) *
    • Juniperus (Juniper) *
    • Lycium (Boxthorn)
    • Mahonia (Mahonia)
      • Fremont Barberry - Mahonia fremontii
      • Kofa Mountain Barberry
    • Purshia (Antelope Bush)
    • Quercus (Oak) *
    • Salix (Willow) *
    • Salvia (Sage)
    • Sambucus (Elder/(Elderberry)) *
    • Simmondsia (Jojoba)
      • Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis
    • Tamarix (Tamarix) *
    • Viscum (Mistletoe)
    • Yucca (Yucca, Joshua tree) *
    • Ziziphus (Buckthorn Fam: Rhamnaceae)
  • Simaroubaceae
    1-Tree of heaven, 2-Crucifixion Thorn
  • Solanaceae, (Nightshade)-Datura
    1-Jimson Weed-(Sacred Datura)
  • Solanaceae, (Nightshade)-Nicotiana
    1-Desert Tobacco, 2-Tree Tobacco
  • Zygophyllaceae, (Caltrop)
    1-Fagonia, 2-Arizona Caltrop
    3-Creosote bush
    4-Puncture Vine(Goatheads)-Tribulus terrestris

Example: (Nicotiana glauca); the Genus, species name, the binomial is the wiki page for this species.

Note: the following tagged items are the items for each Alphabetical letter, for example, for A: (A-1) through (A-last). The exceptions are: the Agaves, mesquites, palo verdes, sycamores, willows, and yuccas. (about 12 entrants)- Total page entrants about 111 plus 12. (April 15, 2006)

Note: (LCRV)–tagged, Found in Lower Colorado River Valley (in the South at 100 feet ASL (Above Sea Level), or greater).

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