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The Planetarian Original Soundtrack, from the visual novel Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume, was first released on August 11, 2006 in Japan during Comiket 70 by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0025. The soundtrack contains one disc totaling twelve songs composed, arranged, and produced by Magome Togoshi, and Shinji Orito; themes originally composed by Charles Crozat Converse and Kenji Miyazawa were remixed on the soundtrack. Aside from the songs in the game like "Gentle Jena" and "Hoshi no Sekai (Opening)", the soundtrack includes new songs such as the vocal version of "Hoshi Meguri no Uta", sung by Mell. The musical tracks played at the beginning and the end of the game (tracks one and eight in the original soundtrack) are rearrangements of the hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" by Charles Crozat Converse, and their titles reflect this as well: "Hoshi no Sekai (Opening)" refers to the Japanese version of the hymn, named "Hoshi no Yo", and "Itsukushimi Fukaki" is the Japanese translation of the hymn's original title.

All songs arranged by Magome Togoshi, except where noted.

Track listing
No. Title Music Length
1. "Hoshi no Sekai (Opening)" (星の世界 World of Stars) Charles Crozat Converse 0:59
2. "Hoshi Meguri no Uta (Honky Tonk)" (星めぐりの歌 Song of Circling Stars) Kenji Miyazawa 1:47
3. "Hoshi Meguri no Uta (Metronome)" (星めぐりの歌 Song of Circling Stars) Kenji Miyazawa 1:59
4. "Ame to Robot" (雨とロボット Rain and Robot) Magome Togoshi 1:38
5. "Hoshi Meguri no Uta (Winter's Tale)" (星めぐりの歌 Song of Circling Stars) Kenji Miyazawa 2:59
6. "Gentle Jena" Magome Togoshi 3:37
7. "Mattaki Hito" (全き人 Perfect Human) Magome Togoshi 2:54
8. "Itsukushimi Fukaki" (慈しみ深き Deep Affection) Charles Crozat Converse 2:47
9. "Hoshi Meguri no Uta" (星めぐりの歌 Song of Circling Stars)
(Performed by Mell)
Kenji Miyazawa 4:26
10. "Gentle Jena (Extended Version)" Magome Togoshi 6:53
11. "Human Warrior" (Arrangement by Shinji Orito) Shinji Orito 5:11
12. "Hoshi Meguri no Uta (Short Version)" (星めぐりの歌 Song of Circling Stars)
(Performed by Mell)
Kenji Miyazawa 2:56
Total length: 38:06

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