List of Places of Worship in Crawley - Former Places of Worship

Former Places of Worship

Name Image Area/
Grade Notes Refs
Elim Church Langley Green
51°07′35″N 0°11′34″W / 51.1264°N 0.1927°W / 51.1264; -0.1927 (Elim Church Crawley, Langley Green (former))
Elim Pentecostal E !– This was the first permanent church used by the Elim Pentecostal community of Crawley. Opened in 1971, it served until 2011 when the community moved into the former Trinity United Reformed Church in Ifield. It was then sold and became the Ahmadiyya mosque.
Sanatan Mandir West Green
51°06′49″N 0°11′46″W / 51.1136°N 0.1961°W / 51.1136; -0.1961 (Sanatan Mandir Hindu Temple, West Green (former))
Hindu E !– The Gurjar Hindu Union of Crawley, established in 1968, moved to this small temple and community centre in 1997. The community started building a new temple and community centre at a site in Ifield in 2008, and moved to it upon its completion in 2010.
Salvation Army Citadel West Green
51°06′50″N 0°11′43″W / 51.1139°N 0.1953°W / 51.1139; -0.1953 (Salvation Army Citadel, West Green (former))
Salvation Army E !– The Salvation Army opened and registered this place of worship at 51 Spencers Road in 1902. It was still in use in 1985, but after that the building was sold and worship moved to the community centre in Ifield Drive, Ifield (under the name Crawley Outreach Centre). Its worship certification was cancelled in October 2003, and later uses included a furniture warehouse.
Trinity Church Ifield
51°07′18″N 0°12′21″W / 51.1217°N 0.2058°W / 51.1217; -0.2058 (Trinity United Reformed Church, Ifield (former))
United Reformed Church E !– The church had its origins in the Trinity Congregational church, built in Robinson Road in 1863. The Gothic Revival building was demolished in 1962 and this new church was provided the following year in Ifield Drive. It closed in December 2010 and the congregation moved to Christ Church at Pound Hill, which was reformed as Crawley United Reformed Church.

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