List of Philippine Film Studios

This is a list of film studios and film production companies in the Philippines from 1919 up to the present.

  • A.G.P Film Production
  • A.L.B. Production
  • A.M. Production
  • Agrix Film
  • APT Entertainment
  • A.V.P. Production
  • Ambassador Picture
  • Angora Films
  • Bancom Audiovision
  • Bayanihan Picture
  • Broadway Production
  • Bigfoot Studios
  • Camia Production
  • CineMedia
  • D'Lanor Picture
  • Dalisay Picture
  • DES Production
  • Diosa Production
  • El NiƱo Films
  • Emar Picture
  • Everybody's Production
  • Experimental Cinema of the Philippines
  • F.P.J Production
  • Filipinas Picture
  • Film Entertainment Exponent
  • G.M. Picture
  • GMA Films
  • GAMA Studios
  • Good Harvest Promotion
  • Gretas Production
  • Hemisphere Picture
  • Hollywood Far-East
  • Imus Production
  • Jafere Production
  • J.E. Production
  • JBC Film Production
  • Karilagan Production
  • Kayumanggi Cinema Inc.
  • Kislap-Tagalog Picture
  • Larry Santiago Production
  • Lea Production
  • Lebran Production
  • Libran Motion Picture
  • LL Production
  • LSJ Production
  • Luzon Production
  • LVN Pictures
  • M.B.M. Film Production
  • Magna East Production
  • MM Production
  • Motion Picture Casting Corporation
  • Neo Film
  • N.V. Production
  • OctoArts Films
  • Pauline's Production
  • People's Picture
  • Poe-Zshornack Production
  • Premiere Production
  • Quantum Films
  • Regal Films
  • Rosas Production
  • Royal Film
  • R.T.G. Production
  • RV Production
  • Sampaguita Pictures
  • Seiko Films
  • Sotang Bastos Production
  • Star Cinema
  • Studio 5
  • Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Production
  • Tamaraw Picture
  • Teamwork Productions
  • Topaz Production
  • Vera Perez Picture
  • Virgo Productions
  • Vision Film
  • Vitri Film
  • Viva Films
  • Violett Films
  • V.S. Film
  • Zultana International

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