List of Phi Gamma Delta Members - General Officers

General Officers

These are Brothers who have achieved the military rank of Brigadier General, Rear Admiral (lower half), (or the equivalent) or higher in the United States military.

  • Major General Malvern Hill Barnum (CCNY, 1884): United States Army. Wounded as a Lieutenant and Adjutant of the 10th Cavalry "Buffalo Soldiers" at the battle of San Juan Hill in the Spanish–American War; Brigadier General commanding the 183rd Brigade of the 92nd Division in France during World War I.
  • (Brevet) Brigadier General Daniel J. Benner (Gettysburg, 1859): United States Army. A Union officer in the Civil War, his wartime trunk is on display as an exhibit at the Gettysburg National Memorial Park.
  • Major General (ret.) Walter E. Brinker (Iowa, 1938): United States Army. Former President, USAA Fund Management Co.
  • Major General Clovis E. Byers (Ohio State, 1921): United States Army. Chief of Staff, Eighth US Army.
  • Rear Admiral (ret.) Joe Callo (Yale, 1952): United States Navy. Author, historian, Peabody Award winning television producer.
  • Brigadier General Leroy P. Collins (Union 1905): United States Army.
  • Lieutenant General Marvin Covault (Iowa, 1962): United States Army. Chief of Staff, Allied Forces Southern Europe.
  • Admiral (ret.) William J. Crowe, Jr. (Oklahoma, 1946): United States Navy. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1985–1989); Ambassador to Great Britain.
  • General George Decker (Lafayette, 1924): United States Army. Chief of Staff, United States Army (1960–1962).
  • General Robert L. Eichelberger (Ohio State, 1907): United States Army. Superintendent of West Point; Commander of the Eighth US Army in the South West Pacific theater in World War II.
  • Brigadier General Frank E. Garretson (Washington, 1940): United States Marine Corps. Commander, Task Force Hotel in what would become Operation Dewey Canyon in the Vietnam War.
  • General Bruce K. Holloway (Tennessee, 1933): United States Air Force. Member of the Flying Tigers, becoming commander after the Flying Tigers became 23rd Fighter Group. Shot down 13 enemy aircraft. Commanded the Air Force's first jet-equipped fighter group. Commanded USAFE, was appointed Vice Chief of Staff, USAF and was Commander-in-Chief of Strategic Air Command.
  • Major General LeRoy P. Hunt (California, 1914): United States Marine Corps. Commander, 5th Marines at the battle of Guadalcanal.
  • Brigadier General Albert Gallatin Jenkins (Jefferson College, 1848): Confederate Cavalry Brigade Commander and delegate to the first Confederate Congress. Occupied Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in 1863 and was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • Brigadier General Jacob Kline (Gettysburg, 1860): United States Army. During the Civil War, was promoted for Gallant and Meritorious Services during the Battle of Shiloh and Sherman's March to the Sea. Was made Brigadier General of Volunteers during the Spanish–American War.
  • RADM G. Patrick March (Oregon State, 1946): United States Navy.
  • Brigadier General Herbert V. Mitchell (Idaho, 1927): United States Army. While a Lieutenant Colonel, he led the 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry at Guadalcanal.
  • Major General Stanton R. Musser (Gettysburg, 1958): United States Air Force. Former member, Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron. Vice Commander, first operational F-15 wing at Langley AFB. Former Commander, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.
  • Major General (ret.) Ronald K. Nelson (Northwestern, 1954): United States Marine Corps. Presidential helicopter pilot during the Eisenhower administration. Former Director, Education Center, Marine Corps Development and Education Command. Former Deputy Commanding General, MCAS Cherry Point.
  • RADM Robert D. Reilly, Jr (Washington, 1975): United States Navy. Commander, Military Sealift Command. Former Commander, USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Carrier Strike Group.
  • Brigadier General James C. Rinaman (Florida, 1955): Florida Army National Guard.
  • Major General Jack L. Rives (Georgia, 1974): United States Air Force JAG (Judge Advocate General) since February 2006. Major General Jack Rives' official biography is found here.
  • RADM (ret.) Charles W. Rixey (William Jewell, 1948): United States Navy.
  • Brigadier General John M. Rose, Jr. (Davidson, 1951): United States Air Force. Commander, Defense Logistics Services Center. Vice Commander, Oklahoma City Air Material Area.
  • Major General Lew Wallace (DeOauw initiate): United States Army. A Lieutenant in the Mexican–American War, a Union officer in the Civil War, later Governor of New Mexico Territory and Ambassador to Turkey. Author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

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