List of Phantom 2040 Episodes - Season One

Season One

# # Title Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "Generation Unto Generation (Part One)" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-052
Kit Walker Jr., a student at Metropia University, meets his father's old friend, Guran, who informs him of his heritage and tries to convince him to become the next Phantom.
2 2 "Generation Unto Generation (Part Two)" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-053
Kit's first heroic act as the Phantom is to stop Maximum Inc. from using a virtual reality game to brainwash young citizens into rioting.
3 3 "The Sum of the Parts" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-018
Maxwell Madison Jr. creates the first stable "fractal biot", a shapeshifting automaton who is ordered by Maximum to impersonate the Phantom and frame him for a series of armed robberies. Meanwhile, Jack Archer, one of Kit's professors, discovers Kit's true identity.
4 4 "Fire and I.C.E." Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-008
The Phantom and Guran hack into a virtual reality projection of Cyberville, Rebecca Madison's planned fortress. Unbeknownst to them, Graft has found a way to pinpoint the location of the Skull Lair by tracking their virtual signal. However, an orphaned teenage cyber-surfer nicknamed Sparks also finds a way to penetrate Maximum's system, and Graft mistakes him for the Phantom.
5 5 "Reflections of Glory" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-040
Maximum's trained starlet singer, Vaingloria, uses her hypnotic mirrors to brainwash the children of City Councillors in a bid by Rebecca Madison to rig the vote on Cyberville. Kit and Enforcer Sagan Cruz are forced to cut their date short as the Phantom takes action against Maximum's plot.
6 6 "Shadows from the Past" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-016
Queen Nia, deposed heir to the throne of Egypt, tracks down the Phantom to seek revenge for his unification of Africa long ago, but Guran is hit by her poisonous darts in the Phantom's place. Delusional and lost in the Ghost Jungle, Guran's babblings reveal more about the Sector Zero train wreck, but the Phantom must find him before Nia does.
7 7 "The Good Mark" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-004
Guran presents Kit with the Phantom's other ring, called the Good Mark, while Graft lures the Phantom into a trap using fake data files regarding the Sector Zero incident. But when Graft discovers that Rebecca is hiding the real Sector Zero files, he steals them in an attempt to loosen Rebecca's iron grip over him. Enforcer Cruz works with the Phantom for the first time, and the Phantom gives her a medallion marked with the Good Mark in return.
8 8 "The Ghost in the Machine" Brynne Stephens 4308-017
Rebecca succeeds in partially reviving Maxwell Madison Sr. in a biot's body, but unable to remember his death, Maxwell kidnaps his son and sets out to regain his memories. The Phantom follows him to Sector Zero and discovers more about the Sector Zero wreck.
9 9 "Dark Orbit (Part One)" Len Wein 4308-036
Sean One, with the aid of Australian crime boss Gorda, raids Maximum cargo ships to obtain chemicals needed for his Damocles Platform, a deadly orbital laser cannon he plans to use to force the Earth into recognizing the independence of the Orbital Colonies.
10 10 "Dark Orbit (Part Two)" Brynne Stephens 4308-001
The Phantom teams up with Graft and Maxwell Jr. to stop Gorda and Sean One from firing the laser cannon on Damocles Platform at Metropia.
11 11 "The Biot in Red" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 4308-033
Fleeing from the Phantom, Maxwell Jr. hides a vital data file stolen from Sean One, but the free fractal biot Heisenberg stumbles across it and seeks out the Phantom, discovering more about his self-awareness and complex emotions as he does so.
12 12 "The Gauntlet" Marc Scott Zicree 4308-024
Sparks discovers the truth about what happened to his parents, while Guran and the Phantom investigate a dangerous new security system in Cyberville: a shape-shifting, sentient structure called Project Gauntlet.
13 13 "Three Into One" Siddhartha Frank Lotman 4308-050
For seemingly no reason, three civilians become one linked, super-powered consciousness, and the Enforcers have no choice but to ask the Phantom to stop the trio from destroying Metropia. To do so, the Phantom must find out the truth about the experimental Triad project.
14 14 "Life Lessons" Brynne Stephens 4308-014
Kit is shocked to discover that humans are masquerading as biots in an attempt to get work, but is shocked even more by the discovery of a hidden nuclear reactor in Cyberville, which is leaking radiation and hurting the disguised humans. The Phantom must team up with Heisenberg to stop the defective reactor before it melts down.
15 15 "The Magician" Mel Gilden 4308-015
Sagan stumbles across records of a mysterious white-haired man who was friends with the Phantom in the time of Kit's father, and Graft will go to any lengths to find the strange "magician" before the Phantom can.
16 16 "Swifter, Higher, Faster" J. Larry Carroll & David Barrett Carren 4308-012
While attempting to reconnect with his friends at the university, Kit runs across a plot by Maximum to test dangerous performance-enhancing nanobots on student athletes, and learns that one of his friends has become one of Maximum's test subjects.
17 17 "Lasers in the Jungle" Shari Goodhartz 4308-029
Graft leads an armed raid on the Ghost Jungle to find the Phantom's hidden lair, and drags Vaingloria along with him. When Kit's plan to divert Graft from Sector Zero goes awry, the Phantom must improvise to save his friends from the wrath of Maximum's biot army.
18 18 "Down the Line" Craig Miller 4308-013
The Skull Lair receives a strange message from the future: the Phantom of 2157 pleads with the Phantom to break his pledge and kill Rebecca Madison, for the good of the world. Tension rises as Guran and Kit argue about whether to take the message's advice.
19 19 "Control Group" Shari Goodhartz 4308-044
Rebecca Madison decides to test a new brainwave transfer method on Graft, causing the Phantom to stumble upon some of Graft's old memories, of his time as a soldier in the Resource Wars and his defiance of Maximum. Now, the Phantom must help Graft remember that he was once a hero to stop Rebecca from turning Metropia's new war memorial into a lethal plasma cannon.
20 20 "A Boy and his Cat" Lydia C. Marano & Arthur Byron Cover 4308-047
Maxwell Jr. ends up trapped in virtual reality after his leisurely stroll through Maximum's defences leaves Rebecca fuming, and the Phantom must get him out before he unknowingly destroys Metropia with his indestructible, virtually-controlled army of combat biots.

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