List of People With The Korean Family Name Kim - Sports


  • Alex Kim, American tennis player
  • Anthony Kim, American golfer
  • Ashida Kim (Real Name: Radford Davis), self professed martial arts expert
  • Kim Byung-hyun, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Kim Eun-ha, South Korean tennis player
  • Kim Gwang-Seok, South Korean football player
  • Kim Ju-yun (more commonly known in the West as Birdie Kim), LPGA golfer
  • Gail Kim, Canadian female professional wrestler
  • Kim Ji-Yeon, Korean sabre fencer, 2012 Summer Olympics Women's sabre gold medalist
  • Kim Jong-Hun, association football manager
  • Kim Joo-mi, LPGA golfer
  • Kevin Kim, American tennis player
  • Kim Kum-Il, association football player
  • Kim Kum-Ok, long-distance runner
  • Kim Kyong-Il, association football player
  • Kim Kyung-tae, Asian Tour golfer
  • Kim Dong-Hyun, mixed martial artist in the Ultimate Fighting Championships
  • Kim Mi-hyun, LPGA golfer
  • Kim Myong-Gil, association football player
  • Kim Myong-Won, association football player
  • Nellie Kim, USSR gymnast, daughter of a Sakhalin Korean father
  • Kim Sin Rak, a Korean Japanese professional wrestler (Japanese name: Mitsuhiro Momota or Rikidōzan)
  • Kim Tae-Gyun (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Kim Yo-Han, Korean men's volleyball player
  • Kim Yong-Jun, association football player
  • Kim Young-Ho, retired Korean foil fencer, 2000 Summer Olympic Men's foil gold medalist
  • Kim Yu-Na, figure skater

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