List of People With Surname Brown - Politics - United States

United States

  • Adam M. Brown (1826–1901), mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1901
  • Benjamin Gratz Brown (1826–1885), governor of Missouri
  • Charlie Brown (California politician) (born 1949), candidate for Congress in northern California
  • Edward and Elaine Brown, New Hampshire tax protesters
  • Elon R. Brown (1857–1922), President pro tem of the New York State Senate 1915-1918
  • Eric Brown (judge), Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
  • several people named George Brown, including:
    • George Brown, Jr. (1920–1999), U.S. congressman from California
    • George Houston Brown (1810–1865), represented New Jersey 's 4th congressional district from 1853 to 1855
  • Harold Brown (Secretary of Defense) (born 1927), American physicist
  • Henry Billings Brown (1836–1914), U.S. Supreme Court justice
  • Henry E. Brown, Jr. (born 1935), U.S. congressman from South Carolina
  • James Brown (Louisiana) (1766–1835), U.S. senator from Louisiana
  • James S. Brown (1824–1878), mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and U.S. Representative from Wisconsin
  • J. E. "Buster" Brown (born 1940), Texas state senator
  • Jerry Brown (born 1938), governor of California from 1975–1983
  • John Brown (Kentucky) (1757–1837), member of Continental Congress from Virginia
  • John Brown (Maryland) (c.1760-1815), United States congressman from Maryland
  • John Brown (North Carolina) (1737–1812), pioneer and statesman from North Carolina
  • John Brown (Pennsylvania) (1772–1845), United States congressman from Pennsylvania
  • John Brown (Rhode Island) (1736–1803), United States congressman from Rhode Island
  • John Brewer Brown (1836–1898), United States congressman from Maryland
  • John C. Brown (1827–1889), Tennessee governor
  • John Robert Brown (judge) (1909–1993), a member of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • John W. Brown (New York politician) (1796–1875), United States congressman from New York
  • John William Brown (1913–1993), governor of Ohio for eleven days in 1957
  • John Y. Brown, Sr. (1900–1985), United States congressman from Kentucky
  • John Y. Brown, Jr. (born 1933), Democratic governor of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983
  • Joseph E. Brown (1821–1894), governor of American state of Georgia
  • Joseph O. Brown (1848–1903), mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1901–1903
  • Melissa Brown (politician), ophthalmologist and several-time candidate from Pennsylvania for the United States House of Representatives
  • Pat Brown (1905–1996), governor of California from 1959–1967
  • Raleigh Brown (1921–2009), Texas House of Representatives and state judge
  • Scott Brown, U.S. senator from Massachusetts
  • Sherrod Brown (born 1952), U.S. senator from Ohio
  • Thomas Brown (Florida politician) (1785–1867), American politician
  • W. K. Brown (ca. 1923-2011), Louisiana state representative
  • Willie Brown (politician) (born 1934), American mayor of San Francisco

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