List of People On Stamps of Chad

This is a list of people whose image appears on the postage stamps of Chad.

The list is complete through May 1969.

  • St Andrew, apostle (1969)
  • St Bartholomew, apostle (1969)
  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Leader of India's Independence Movement (1969)
  • Alan Bean, astronaut (1970)
  • Franz Beckenbauer, soccer player (1970)
  • Pete Conrad, astronaut (1970)
  • Yves Coppens, paleontologist (1966)
  • Hissein Habre, president (1983)
  • St James the Lesser (1969)
  • St James the Greater (1969)
  • St Jude (1969)
  • St John the Evangelist, apostle (1969)
  • John F. Kennedy, US president (1971)
  • Vladimir Lenin, revolutionary (1970)
  • Ahmed Mangue, education minister (1970)
  • Roland Matthes, athlete (1969)
  • St Matthew, apostle (1969)
  • St Peter, apostle (1969)
  • St Philip, apostle (1969)
  • St Simon, apostle (1969)
  • St Thomas, apostle (1969)
  • Ngarta Tombalbaye, president (1963, 1970)

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