List of People Allegedly Involved in Russian Apartment Bombings - Suspects According To The FSB Involvement Theory

Suspects According To The FSB Involvement Theory

The suspicious events led to allegations that the bombings were in fact a "false flag" attack perpetrated by the FSB in order to legitimize the resumption of military activities in Chechnya and bring Vladimir Putin and the FSB to power, as described in books by David Satter, Yuri Felshtinsky and Vladimir Pribylovsky, and by Alexander Litvinenko and Anna Politkovskaya, who were both assassinated.

According to alternative version, the following suspects have been involved:

  • Future Russian president Vladimir Putin who was leading the chain of command according to the book by Felshinsky and Pribylovsky.
  • Director of Russian FSB agency Nikolai Patrushev
  • FSB General German Ugryumov who supervised the special forces Alpha and Vympel units at this time
  • Maxim Lazovsky, an FSB officer who was also involved in staging of bombings in Moscow in 1994.
  • Yusuf Krymshamkhalov and Adam Dekkushev, two official convicts who were hired by FSB agents provocateurs and who organized transportation of explosives to Moscow according to both versions
  • FSB officers Vladimir Romanovich and Ramazan Dyshenkov who carried out the apartment bombings in Moscow according to this version
  • Achemez Gochiyayev who rented basements of the bombed buildings under request from Dyshenkov and later reported about other mined buildings to police, according to his tape that Chechen middle men passed to Kovalev Commission
  • Three FSB agents (two men and a women) who conducted the "training exercise" in the city of Ryazan. Their identities and fate remains unknown although their photos were advertised on Russian television.
  • A team of twelve GRU operatives who allegedly conducted bombings in the city of Buynaksk under general command of Leutenatnt General Kostechko (according to a confession of GRU officer Aleksey Galkin, made under torture)

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