List of Peerages Inherited By Women - 15th Century

15th Century

Date inherited Date of death
Title Name Other titles
Preceded in title by Succeeded in title by
1458 Countess of Lennox Isabella Duchess of Albany Donnchadh, father Extinct
3 November 1428 1462 5th Countess of Salisbury Alice (Montacute) Neville Thomas Montacute, father Richard Neville, son
11 June 1446 3 January 1448 15th Countess of Warwick Anne de Beauchamp Henry de Beauchamp, father Anne Neville and Richard Neville, aunt and uncle
3 January 1448 20 September 1492 16th Countess of Warwick Anne (de Beauchamp) Neville Countess of Salisbury Anne de Beauchamp, niece Edward Plantagenet, grandson
1450 1468 7th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley Anne Ferrers (Devereux) William de Ferrers, father Walter Devereux, husband

John Devereux, son
30 December 1460 12 May 1529 7th Baroness Harington Cecily Bonville (Grey) (Stafford) Marchioness of Dorset

Countess of Wiltshire
William Bonville, father Thomas Grey, son
18 February 1461 2nd Baroness Bonville William Bonville, great-grandfather
14 January 1476 19 November 1481 8th Countess of Norfolk Anne de Mowbray (Plantagenet) Duchess of York
Duchess of Norfolk
John Mowbray, father Extinct
Baroness Mowbray
Baroness Segrave
John Howard, cousin
16 July 1491 27 August 1507 3rd Baroness Herbert Elizabeth (Herbert) Somerset William Herbert, father Henry Somerset, son

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