List of Paramount Chiefs of Sierra Leone

Below is a list of the current District Chiefs in Sierra Leone. In the government of Sierra Leone, Paramount Chiefs are nonpartisan Members of Parliament. There are 11 District Chiefs representing every district besides the Freetown Districts.

  • Charles Caulker, Moyamba District
  • Mamie Gamanga, Kenema District
  • Samba Bindi Hindowa, Bo District
  • Brima Victor Sidi Kebbie III, Pujehun District
  • Kande Finoh III, Bombali District
  • Abu Mbawa Kongobah, Kono District
  • Alhaji Alimamy Lahai Mansaray, Koinadugu District
  • Bai Sunthuba Osara III, Tonkolili District
  • Bai Sama Lamina Sam, Port Loko District
  • Sahr Francis Kabba Sei II, Kailahun District
  • Margaret Thompson-Seibureh, Bonthe District

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