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The Treo series are combo Cell Phones/PDA models, originally developed by Handspring.

  • Treo 600 -- Palm OS 5.4 - (The first models were "Handspring"-branded, later models were "Palm"-branded.)
  • Treo 650 -- Palm OS 5.4, 5.4.5 or 5.4.8 depending on specific carrier version
  • Treo 680 -- Palm OS 5.4.9
  • Treo 700p -- Palm OS 5.4.9
  • Treo 755p -- Palm OS 5.4.9

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... As of August 2008, there have been nineteen Treo models, listed below in order of release ... Treos through the 680 series have used Palm OS Beginning with the 700 series, Treos are using both Palm OS and Windows Mobile ... The Treo 700w was the first of the 700 line and the first Treo to ever use Windows Mobile ...
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... the phone is a substantial improvement over the Treo 600 and 650 models but it does not offer new capabilities that would make the Treo 700p a quantum improvement over these and other products ... Treo 650 (older) and Treo 680 (newer) are the nearest equivalents to a GSM version of 700p ...
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